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YES, I KNOW. He was unfairly matched up against Barney Stinson, and he'll need a total miracle to catch up to Barney's over 2200 votes - but I love Danny, so I just can't let this one go. He's a total sweetheart! He hates soccer! He writes to impress women! He's basically my dream guy, you guys. And the fact that he is probably going to lose to Barney just makes me sad.

(This contempt is also due in part to the fact that The West Wing's Josh Lyman isn't in the running this year for Fandom March Madness. I mean, I love CJ - I really do - but Joshua is my absolute favorite.)
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Not convinced? Watch this, this and this.

(And to Dan Rydell, I'm very sorry. Not only did you get creamed in that "Who's Cooler?" poll against Casey - albeit unfairly - but you were matched up against Barney Stinson in this year's Fandom March Madness, all but guaranteeing your loss. But I still love you!)


Dec. 31st, 2009 02:48 pm
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Hard to believe that this year is almost over - seems like just yesterday we were all waiting for Obama to be inaugurated, and now he's been president for almost a year. And the decade is also coming to a close; those ten years have just flown by. I feel so old.

Quick year end wrap-up:
+ here it goes again, a mix of songs I listened to on repeat in 2009
+ favorite tv shows of the decade, my entry for [ profile] picspammy
+ 2009: a year in fandom )
+ Year in review: 2009 )


Attending a New Year's Eve party at my aunt&uncle&cousins later tonight, something I've never done in all my years of celebrating NYE. Usually we just sit around in front of the TV eating shrimp and watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest - which has become a thing in the past few years, as I always like to see how Dick Clark is looking in the years after he had that terrible stroke. I secretly fear I won't get to see that tonight; although, how will we know it's officially midnight here? And wouldn't everyone like to see the ball drop in Times Square? These are the things I think about.

Probably won't be around LJ much for the rest of the day, though I'll probably be tweeting at the party tonight via my phone. So: HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2010 be filled with awesome, happiness and general good things.
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Tomorrow, I promise, I will talk about important things - mainly: COLLEGE. But until then, have this.

100 questions meme from Facebook. Yes, AGAIN. )
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No, I still haven't processed TV things yet (and the fact that I just finished watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale isn't helping my thoughts along AT ALL). I did, however, happen upon this article from TWOP about showrunner switches that would be awesome - mentioning Aaron Sorkin taking over The Office, and it made me laugh (mostly because it's true):
Imagine Michael and Dwight pedeconferencing around the Dunder-Mifflin office in circles, picking up random characters as they all rapid-fire idealistic sentiments and literary/sports/historical/political references before dropping out of the parade and tagging someone else in, the lot of them taking breaks only for either some old-timey slapstick or melodramatic speeches about friendship, duty and loyalty. And they sell paper sometimes, but that's not really the point, is it?

I'm going to make blueberry pancakes now.
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Or I would be, if I didn't have to give up virtually all carbs for eight days - my diet, sadly, is largely built around them. I'd rather give up having to eat meat every Friday than part with leavened bread. Plus, Easter candy! But I watched the Passover episode of Sports Night ("April Is The Cruelest Month"), found out that Aaron Sorkin might be returning to television soon, and the analogy of Sports Night/The West Wing was the first thought in my mind when I watched Parks&Recreation and The Office. )
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So the Cardinals didn't win last night, failing to make the Superbowl a real Cinderella story like I (and Mommy and a whole bunch of other people) thought it would be. Instead, Pittsburgh won, making this the second straight Superbowl where I came out disappointed. Congrats to to the Steelers and all, but they've now won six Superbowls - the most recent one three years ago. Most of the players on this team played in that game and already have a ring - they really don't need another one. I mean, THE CARDINALS HAVE NEVER WON A SUPERBOWL. Who I am supposed to see about that? Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and the rest of the team played their absolute best, and they should have been rewarded for it.

(Seriously, I knew things weren't going well towards the end when they played "Boogie Shoes" and Pittsburgh had a slight lead. I secretly hoped that it was a good sign that the Cardinals might just pull this thing off, but that was not the case. MAJOR LOSE.)

But the post-Superbowl episode of The Office certainly cheered me up! )
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I woke up this morning around 9 hoping to have the entire day to myself (I don't have classes on fridays this semester again) - staying in my pajamas, making pancakes, watching Sports Night, reading The Audacity of Hope. This hope was shattered fifteen minutes later when Monica came down the stairs; turns out she and Graham didn't have school today because it was too cold.

So instead, I ended up taking a shower, napping for 3 hours, and trying to justify why Graham spent nearly six hours (seriously) on the computer when Monica and I both wanted to use it. This is the exact reason why Mommy&Dad won't give him his computer back. However, if he did have his own computer, these types of problems wouldn't exist. (Relatedly, now that Circuit City is going out of business, I'm hoping to find a really good deal on a laptop so my parents won't have to wait until fall to buy one. Since I'll need it for school and all.)

If you really want to know how I felt about this week's episode of The Office, you can read [ profile] shornt's thoughts here; I basically agreed with everything she said. I am, however, very excited about upcoming episodes because there's some Jim/Pam stuff that they've definitely been lacking this season. I'm really happy to see them come to the forefront again.

I signed up for the challenge at [ profile] inrevelations purely to see if I can write something that's good. I'm hoping it goes better than my picfor1000 story, which by the way, hasn't even been started yet. I'm definitely more excited about it, which is a start.
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100 questions meme, stolen from a few friends on Facebook. )

Downloaded more music from Death Cab For Cutie, and there's a new Numb3rs on tonight. Those two events are unrelated but worth mentioning. I'M GOING INSANE FROM MARATHONING SPORTS NIGHT EARLIER, CAN YOU TELL?
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I received the nicest surprise in the mail yesterday, courtesy of my grandma: a check for $100. Which seems really weird, because I was just thinking about her re: Mad Men and freaking out how I'm going to pay for everything with my limited funds. Even better, when I talked to her last night to thank her for it, she let me know that she'll be sending me one every month. I'm really, really excited about this plan. So until I have a job (which is hopefully soon), I'll be financially set, thanks to Grandma. Now I'm not so worried about how things are going to work out.

Today is the last day of my break. I made chocolate chip pancakes to celebrate, and then I spent the morning marathoning Sports Night. I got through season 1 (at least, my favorite episodes from the first season); Season 2 will have to wait until I've got more time to myself, which probably won't be for awhile. It feels weird watching this show on TV after watching it on the computer for so long. And I am still obsessed with the adorableness of Jeremy&Natalie. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I think I'm going to clean my room this weekend, since it's gotten to be a total mess over break. Maybe read more of The Audacity of Hope as well; I haven't gotten very far into it (I keep falling asleep, unfortunately), and I want to get it finished before the inauguration, which is in less than two weeks away. And attempt to start my [ profile] picfor1000 story. I've had the assignment for 10 days now and haven't even come up with anything. And I doubt I'll even have time for it once I'm back in school. Why did I even sign up for the thing in the first place?
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icon meme, or proof that Maureen tries to diversify her userpics as much as possible. )

Sports Night DVDs finally arrived today (!!!), so a marathon is imminent. ALSO: BLOOPER REEL.
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Year end things:
- over and over and over, a mix of songs I had on repeat throughout 2008
- top five events in sports & politics, my super lame entry for [ profile] picspammy
- 2008 in review meme. )

Tonight's plans include eating excellent shrimp and Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Since my Internet connection shuts off at 10 PM, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Oh, and I signed up for [ profile] picfor1000 again because I'm insane I'd like to get back into writing things, and this is my assignment. I'm literally weeping right now. How do I make a good story out of that?
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I feel a little bit better today, although I woke up at 1 PM and didn't get things going until 2:30, which is never a good sign. I hate being on break sometimes. Or it might be the fact that although it's December, it's currently 50-something degrees outside with a super strong wind. WHAT THE HECK.

I finally got around to watching the Mad Men pilot. )

I ordered Mad Men season 1 and Sports Night off of today, and they should be here within a few weeks. Between those and the books I got and working on my picfor1000 assignment, this break is going to fly by. At least I hope it does. I really need some cheering up.
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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Mine was low-key but still really fun. And I got some nice presents as well: both of Barack Obama's books (The Audacity of Hope and Dreams From My Father - which Dad already has his eye on after I'm done reading them), F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Jazz Age Stories, this shirt, an giftcard (to buy the Sports Night DVDs that I didn't get), a huge Hershey's chocolate bar, and an Old Navy Giftcard. However, I did not get the Jim/Pam wedding (or even any mention of one) that I've been praying/hoping for (see icon). I do know that it's probably eventually coming (given recent events), so I guess I have to stay sharp, and when it does come, it's going to kick my ass.

Dad got Mommy a new iPod Nano for Christmas (it's purple!), a gesture that just might be the most adorable thing between them - even though Mommy isn't really a music person. SERIOUSLY. Anyway, Graham was helping Mommy put music on her iPod (it's mostly what Dad's stuff), and it sent me into this late classic-rock kick, so now I've got Crosby, Stills & Nash and Peter Gabriel on my iPod. I put some Bell x1 and Britney Spears' Toxic (shut up) on there as well, so it all works out.

Now that Christmas is over and 2009 is less than a week away, it's time to start doing those "year end" posts. I'm working on my entry for [ profile] picspammy, which will probably end up having more writing than actual pictures. And I definitely plan on making a mix of the songs I obsessed over this year. I'm sure you're all looking forward to that.
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I'm back. Sort of. I've still got tons of work to do. A Stats test tomorrow that I haven't really studied for, and my final speech of the semester for Speech class is due next week, and I only just finished getting sources this morning. I promised I wouldn't post until everything is done, but once I'm done with my speech next week, it'll be time to start studying for finals. So this is just a temporary return from hiatus to update. After this is done I'm going right back to work. I really need to do well on this Stats test so I don't fail the course, and this speech is proving to be the most difficult thing I've ever done.

ANYWAY. Thanksgiving went wonderfully. I had fun with my cousins, and was especially excited to see my older cousin who goes to Dallas. He told me stories of all the ridiculous things he's done while there. It made me wish I went to an actual college so I had some stories to tell. I really want to go visit him, but it's difficult to travel there on such a tight schedule. We watched the Lions come one step closer to obtaining a perfect losing record. And the food was wonderful! I don't usually eat a lot on Thanksgiving (I don't eat a lot in general), but I did eat my fare share of the apple&cherry pies we had; they were delicious. I ended up going to bed early because Mommy dragged me to church that morning. Plus, I had a lot of work left to do over the weekend and I wanted to be able to focus.

None of us went shopping on Black Friday. Mommy used to get up early and shop when we were little, but nowadays there's nothing she'd be willing to shop at 5 AM for. And with the economy here so bad and the threat of Dad losing his job hanging over us, there isn't going to be much of a Christmas at our house. I'm making gift lists for myself and the rest of the family anyways. There really isn't a lot that I want besides The Audacity of Hope and the new Sports Night DVDs. I'd really like a laptop, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get one because a) they're expensive, and b) I won't really need one until next fall. But it would be nice to have.

Monica put our Christmas tree up with the help of a friend yesterday, and I'm in the process of making a Christmas mix that I'll post later once I've got it all together. A semi-consolation prize for not getting my [ profile] picspammy done on time. We got a lot of snow here last night (though not enough for a snow day, sadly), so it's really starting to feel like Christmas.

CSI:NY was so wonderful last week that I watched it again right after it aired. And I nearly had a heart attack seeing the promos for this weeks' episode of The Office. AND HOUSE! I'M SO EXCITED, GUYS.
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I've been in a great mood lately. I don't know if it's President Obama or his pick of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff or the fact that there were Sports Night references during last night's Browns/Broncos game, but I've been extremely happy this entire week. It's kind of scaring me a bit, and Mommy's now concerned that there's something wrong with me. Although College continues to stress me out, which is nothing new. I've got a lot of homework this weekend, and instead of getting a jump-start on it today like I planned, I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. I've got TONS to do this weekend, and I'm afraid I'm not going to get it done :(

I absolutely loved The Office; I basically agree with everything my flist has said. I'm really, really excited for next week, although I do think it's unfair that 30 Rock gets a post-episode promo and The Office doesn't. IT'S GOT AN ANXIOUS AND DEVOTED FANBASE, NBC.

I'm working on registering for next semester; I need to register for my English and Psych classes this weekend because they only have a few spots left. I've got my schedule all worked out - no classes on Fridays, and I'll only be there from 8:30 to 3 instead of 10 to 6, which is perfect. But the thing that excites me the most (right now, at least) is that I'll be able to watch most (if not all) of Obama's inauguration from school that day because I have a break from 11 to 1. Although I really wish I could go to it in person: free tickets! And I haven't been to DC in years! I totally planned to take the Amtrak to DC (the Joe Biden way!), but that requires me to take two trains and a bus. And I'd like to go for more than a day, but I really can't miss school. I WANT TO BE A PART OF HISTORY, DAMMIT.
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From [ profile] pieces_of:
1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.


Also, I decided not to attend the Election Night party downtown, since no one can take me. I'm gonna stay up until 2 AM watching election results and helping Monica with her homework, even though I've got school tomorrow :(
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Stats was surprisingly good today; the professor gave us all two bags of fun-size M&M's as part of this activity we did, and I only have two sections worth of homework to do this weekend because we weren't able to get through the other one this week. And that's the only homework I have this weekend, so it's going to be an incredibly low-key weekend. Maybe I'll FINALLY get around to doing some writing. Who knows.

The phonebank went really well last night as well. Our group ended up calling potential Obama supporters a few cities over asking them to volunteer for various "Get Out the Vote" activities over the weekend, Monday, as well as on Election Day. I was only able to get through one sheet of calls because I couldn't really focus (and there was really good pizza to eat.) We stopped around 8 to watch the Obama commercial, which was absolutely wonderful, despite the fact that it wasn't the Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour that I was secretly hoping for. There's some more Election Day prep that our group is doing this weekend, but I don't know if I'll be able to attend. I'd really like to help out, but everyone was being really vague on details; I know that it's at a hotel all weekend, but I don't want to randomly show up and make it awkward. I'm perfectly content not doing anything politics-related this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm getting to the polls on Tuesday!

I finished (and am now in the process of re-watching) Sports Night, so I attempted to watch Mad Men online yesterday. It's a show that everyone has been talking about for some time now, and the SNL parodies finally drove me to it. I ended up not finishing the episode because I couldn't find one that wasn't a terrible quality and/or didn't have Japanese subtitles all over them. I'm considering getting the DVDs from the library, but want to wait until I have a lot of time to watch them so I can marathon them. (Thanksgiving break, maybe?)

If you haven't heard already, 30 Rock premieres tonight! And you should totally watch. It's <>here if you don't want to wait, and if you've seen it already, I'm giving you 30 Rocks, a Sesame Street parody of the show. My favorite thing about it is that they made Liz Lemon an actual lemon with Tina Fey glasses. It's hilarious.

The Office is going to be AWESOME tonight, in more ways than one.
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I woke up this morning feeling incredibly exhausted with a sore throat, and now I've got chills and feel feverish. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. I've been here at school since 8 AM and won't go home until almost 6. I really, really want to go home and make noodles and sleep until who knows when, but because I attend a stupid community college that doesn't have on-campus housing, I can't do that. I nearly fell asleep in Stats and skipped Astronomy earlier today because I feel THAT awful. And my English essay make-up is later this afternoon and I don't want to do it. HATEHATEHATE.

It's John Krasinski's birthday today! He is the reason I now have extremely high standards for my future significant other. I stayed up late to watch last night's Rays/Red Sox for you, Krasinskaaaaay. ♥

The aunts&cousins have left, thankfully. Saturday was absolutely crazy day: In the span of 4 or 5 hours, I was told why I shouldn't be voting for Obama ("he wants to kill babies and let girls marry girls!"), tried to hide my annoyance that one of my aunts was videotaping nearly everything that was going on, explained what Project Runway was, and babysat this cutie (aka my youngest cousin Louis.) Despite the day's craziness, I was pretty productive homework-wise: I finished my Speech midterm AND all of my Stats homework IN JUST ONE DAY. And I finished my Jim Henson speech earlier this morning, so all I have to do is Government and practice the speech a few times. Which is awesome, because HI I'M SICK AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT NOODLES AND SLEEP, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

AMY POEHLER, YOU ARE AWESOME. Sarah Palin, not so much.

The second season of Sports Night is actually pretty good.
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I went apple picking with my aunts&cousins today (instead of thrift shopping, which I would've prefered), which was pretty fun. Although I ate too many apples, and now I feel awful. They're all coming over to my house tomorrow morning (it's going to be craaaaaaaazy), so I'm attempting to get some homework done tonight so I can hang out with them. I'm in the process of typing up the outline of my speech (I finished the notecards yesterday), but I'm getting distracted by Sports Night. AGAIN.


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