Dec. 31st, 2009 02:48 pm
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Hard to believe that this year is almost over - seems like just yesterday we were all waiting for Obama to be inaugurated, and now he's been president for almost a year. And the decade is also coming to a close; those ten years have just flown by. I feel so old.

Quick year end wrap-up:
+ here it goes again, a mix of songs I listened to on repeat in 2009
+ favorite tv shows of the decade, my entry for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy
+ 2009: a year in fandom )
+ Year in review: 2009 )


Attending a New Year's Eve party at my aunt&uncle&cousins later tonight, something I've never done in all my years of celebrating NYE. Usually we just sit around in front of the TV eating shrimp and watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest - which has become a thing in the past few years, as I always like to see how Dick Clark is looking in the years after he had that terrible stroke. I secretly fear I won't get to see that tonight; although, how will we know it's officially midnight here? And wouldn't everyone like to see the ball drop in Times Square? These are the things I think about.

Probably won't be around LJ much for the rest of the day, though I'll probably be tweeting at the party tonight via my phone. So: HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2010 be filled with awesome, happiness and general good things.
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1. Christmas was great. Very low-key; It took us literally ten minutes to open presents. I got David Plouffe's The Audacity to Win, season 3 of 30 Rock, and a check for $60 from Grandma - which went towards this webcam, Kristin Gore's Sammy's Hill (because I need 60 more cents to qualify for free shipping, and that was the cheapest thing I could find that I actually could have a use for) and this shirt (which is technically free, but with shipping cost me 25 cents), all while also paying of my credit card bill to something more manageable. Dinner with the aunt&uncle&cousins was good as well; I was able to pick up my two little cousins Lucy and John (I had been forbidden to lift anything heavier than 20 pounds before and shortly after my surgery, but now I'm all better), ate some delicious beef tenderloin, and played a super-intense game of Mad Gabs with my older cousins and the adults.

2. Speaking of family get-togethers, one of my uncles and his two kids are coming later tonight! Both are close in age to Graham, Monica and I (cousin Mairead is Graham's age and Austin is right in between Graham and Monica) and they're staying until after New Year's - so we've got all kinds of shenanigans planned; and unlike last time Mairead was here (back in July, right after I got out of the hospital), I won't be too tired or weak to participate. We're getting together with the aunt&uncle&cousins again for a New Year's Eve party (which will definitely include an epic Mad Gabs rematch), and then everyone is coming over here for New Year's Day to watch bowl games on our big TV.

3. Other than the holiday plans, not much else is going on. Graham had ACL surgery last week, so I'm busy tending to his needs. Definitely catching up on my sleep. Marathoning TV - I finished season 3 of 30 Rock in about two days, and I've now moved on to How I Met Your Mother. Ordered my books for next semester (only $200 worth). Gearing up to try and write a lot in the coming weeks.

4. Also busy working on my year-end stuff. My [livejournal.com profile] picspammy entry is almost done - I have one more show to picspam, and then decide how I want to format it. My playlist of songs I listened to in 2009 is finalized, and I'll get that posted ASAP. And of course there's those year-end survey things - I did the fandom one earlier today and I'll probably do the year in review one sometime tomorrow if things aren't too busy.

5. NFL playoff scenarios give me major headaches.
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Had a very delicious Christmas Eve dinner with the family, now relaxing and watching a CSI:NY re-run on CBS - the one where Lindsay has her baby (I really do not want to watch A Christmas Story by myself.) I have, however, watched every holiday-themed television episode I could think of within the past week, I still have 30 Rock's "Ludachristmas" to watch, as I totally forgot about until a few minutes ago; I'll watch it online after my shower and before I go to sleep later tonight. Tomorrow morning will be pretty low-key: church (we always go Christmas morning because my father is a traditionalist and it's always a lot less crowded than the Christmas Eve masses), present opening with the family, and then over to aunt&uncle&cousins in Ann Arbor for the rest of the day, including Christmas dinner.

I'll probably be so busy with everything that I won't be able to make a update for a few days, so until then, have my Christmas mix from last year (I know, very late notice, but most of you still have a few more hours.) And enjoy your holidays, guys! I love you all.

(PS: [livejournal.com profile] sarken and [livejournal.com profile] yearinla, I got both of your cards this week; they're wonderful. Thank you so much!)
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This meme in no way makes up for the fact that I haven't done a real-life update in quite some time. )

Other things I need to post about besides real life things: the past three episodes of House and general thoughts on this season of Mad Men - which, sadly, is almost over. Where did the time go, you guys?
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I have come to the conclusion that Don Eppes could wholeheartedly benefit from Being Don Draper. This after spending an entire weekend rekindling some Numb3rs love and then watching the season premiere of Mad Men on Sunday night (which will get its own post, as I have a lot to talk about regarding it.) So I watched every episode from seasons 4 and 5 that featured Don Eppes' wife girlfriend Robin, and I know I've mentioned this before, but they are absolutely adorable together. TOTALLY FAKE MARRIED. I'm working on a picspam to prove this point. And it is here where I point out that Don Eppes could heed the advice of Don Draper and take six hour lunches and/or disappear for weeks at a time (OR AT LEAST TURN OFF HIS PHONE WHEN HE'S WITH HER)- simply to improve his relationship. (Ironically, the opposite is true for Don Draper.) At least, that's what my fangirly self would like to happen.

I also re-watched the end of the Numb3rs season finale - where Charlie proposes to Amita - simply because I've been thinking about that plot point being carried over into next season. I came up with a pretty rational explanation as to why Amita would say yes right after the episode aired, because it was pretty much certain. But ever since I read a certain spoiler that Amita wouldn't make her decision right away because she and Charlie "still have some things to discuss", I'm now unsure. Although I really can't think of anything they'd have to discuss at this point. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Basically, the point of this post is that I'm thrilled Mad Men is FINALLY back, and I really can't wait for September 25th to get here. Also, I've been in this funk all weekend where I listen to Death Cab For Cutie's "Transatlanticism" and "A Lack of Color" on constant repeat. Is it possible that there's something wrong with me? I did just try to compare Don Eppes to Don Draper, you know.
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The following is brought to you by The Colbert Report's "meTunes":


Okay, I can explain. It's a line from the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"! I don't know what was up with me last night - I'd only been drinking ice water, but I must have had too many glasses, which I guess made really me hyper for some reason - but as soon as that was mentioned, I could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. And then when Colbert added that the Black Eyed Peas clearly knew their audience was Bar Mitzvah DJ's, I laughed even more, as I immediately thought of that SNL sketch where you could hire the Peas to "pump up" important events (including - you guess it - Bar Mitzvahs!) Of course, I pretty much crashed once the segment was over, but not before listening to Movitz via their MySpace - jury's still out on the whole lyrics in Swedish thing, but hey, the music is pretty jazzy!

And that's the only thing in my life right now that requires a super-urgent update. But I have other things to talk about (MY OWN LAPTOP ZOMG, more thoughts on season 2 + general predictions for season 3 of Mad Men, Eureka - should it ever get better, family dinner shenanigans from later tonight, college stuff) that I will get to within the next week or so. I've resolved that I'll try to update every single day (multiple times a day, even!) next week, as I'm not going anywhere or doing anything for the next few weeks. Oh, life.
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I think I'm suffering through a migraine - I've never had one before, despite the fact that I'm relatively frequent sufferer of headaches, and damn, IT IS PAINFUL. Like, I couldn't even find a comfortable sleeping position because of it; the right side of my head hurts, and I usually sleep on my left side but couldn't due to the intense pain. I'm trying to take it as easy as I possibly can, and acetaminophen seems to be helping. Although the fact that it's coming in tandem with PMS isn't a lot of fun. So.

I realized I haven't talked about American Idol in awhile. )

Also, Glee! Where has this show been all my life, especially during my three years of choir&drama in high school? Seriously, it is that wonderful - so wonderful, in fact, that it led me to sing a medley of songs from my high school choir days as I was taking my shower last night. I have the slightest of crushes on Will, and I'm a little weirded out that the cheer coach is played by the same actress that plays Reid's schizophrenic mother on Criminal Minds, haha. And I'm obsessed with the music! So glad it's been put up on iTunes - and if they were to continue doing so (like that a capella version of "Gold Digger" from the promo? I WANTS IT), THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. The only thing that worries me about this show (and it seems to be a pretty common worry, from what I'm hearing) that it's on FOX, so a) Glee could be canceled without much notice, despite critical acclaim; and/or b) it could do a lot of unpredictable time-slot switching (as of now, it's set to air on Wednesdays from 9-10PM - up against Criminal Minds.) So I guess we'll just see how things go, but I definitely plan to watch!


May. 11th, 2009 01:47 pm
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I know I haven't updated in four days, and I planned to do a big damn update post today, but I'm being lazy, so it'll probably come sometime tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this iTunes meme from the flist:

If you would like any of the songs mentioned, please let me know and I'll upload them for you. )
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You know what? Just once in these last few weeks I'm going to Community College, I'd like to be able to sleep in. I can't tell you the last time Mommy or Dad took me in at the regular time - 9 AM on Monday/Wednesday, 8 AM on Tuesday/Thursday; I've woken up at 6:45 AM everyday for the past few weeks in order to leave the house by 7:30 AM, and I've haven't gone to sleep before midnight AT ALL, a true rarity for me. So as a result I'm incredibly exhausted, but weary of taking a nap because I end up taking really long naps and have too much to do this weekend for that to happen. But we'll see how things go.

I don't have much to say re: American Idol & CSI:NY. )

I decided to give up on my American History term paper. It was really only acting as an extra credit assignment, and I'm doing a lot better in the class that I orginally thought I would before the semester began, so if I do well with the last few weeks of the semester, I should end the class with a 3.9, around a 90%, which is still good. I was just getting frustrated doing the assignment - I waited until a few days ago to start doing research, and I also had Film research to do, so I didn't have a lot of time to go digging and actually read sources, and the topic I was given seemed pretty easy, but actually required a lot of research. So now I'm just going to focus on my Film paper (which is probably going to be the death of me) and my final paper in English - which is going to be pretty tough because I can only have one internet source and I haven't been doing as well on the other two papers as I hoped I would. *crosses fingers that everything goes smoothly for the next three weeks*

Oh, and I hoped on the bandwagon and got a tumblr - though I'm not sure what I'll use it for!
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Things I've done over the past few days:
  • CLEANED. Grandma (Dad's mom) arrived here last night, so in preparation for her visit I cleaned various parts of the house. She's staying in my room, and I've been so busy that I rarely do anything in there besides sleep, read and do homework in there, so it hasn't gotten very messy - it took me literally ten minutes to clean. I left a few things until the last minute, and I got home late and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get them done before Grandma got here. Luckily, Mommy was home all day, and she finished straightening up my room. So Grandma's here, I'm sleeping in Monica's room, and week that she's here is going to be fun.

  • Listened to The Decemberists' new album The Hazards of Love. I've only listened to it once in full, but my impression so far is that it's better listened to as a whole album rather than as individual songs. It's pretty interesting, but I think I prefer their earlier stuff from Picaresque and The Crane Wife; I'm gonna go as far to say that The Hazards of Love is to The Decemberists as Narrow Stairs is to Death Cab For Cutie. I think I'd be able to offer a more cohesive review once I've listened to it a few more times. So I'll do that.


  • Hardly any homework. It was wonderful to just lounge around, sleep, and watch The West Wing season 2 without any major worries that I had more important things to do, especially after the weeks I'd been through.

  • Wrote my story for [livejournal.com profile] inrevelations. It's making me frustrated - I've got it planned out in my head, and when I put it down on paper, it doesn't sound as good. I'm reading other people's entries, and even though I shouldn't compare my stuff to theirs, mine seems much, much worse. I hope the person I wrote it for in enjoys it. And I'm worried that I won't reach/exceed the 800 word minimum. So I'll keep writing and self-editing, read others stories, and have mine ready by Friday. I hope it turns out as well as I think it will.

  • Got psyched about Obama's press conference tonight, though I'm pissed that it messes up my TV watching schedule.
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My English class seems to piss me off more and more each day. Today I found out the rough draft of my paper - the one on how realistic The West Wing is (which got totally ripped apart by the professor, who called it "not relevant" because The West Wing has been off the air for nearly three years and he doesn't think I have enough sources) is due Monday, the same day as my journalistic review for Film AND my take home exam and essay for Anthropology. I haven't started any of it. Seriously, all this writing has turned me off to becoming a writer.

And it turns out that those stupid little essays I have to read and summarize are worth 30 points each, and I haven't done any of them so far, since a) they're stupid and totally not relevant to what the whole class is about, and b) I'm too busy writing papers for the class PLUS papers for my other classes, and I just don't have the time. So I'm practically failing the class right now, even though I don't know my exact grade. I can only assume these things. Ngh.

Although I did get to bitch about the class with a student, which was really nice to let out some of my frustruations and let me know that I am not the only one who finds the professor to be not a very good teacher. Only a few more weeks, I tell myself, then I will be done with the class (and the stupid college) FOREVER.


American Idol's Top 13 )


Grandma sent me another check, so I bought things! The West Wing Script Book for Seasons 1&2 (I already have the one for Seasons 3&4, and have been looking for the first one for years), a lined paper Moleskine (which should hopefully motivate me to write more) and black Converses. I'm also debating whether or not to get this shirt, and in what color. Thoughts?


I've been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't even thought about my [livejournal.com profile] inrevelations assignment, let alone what I'm going to write. I'm going through a serious bout of creative writer's block, yo. Help me out.
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Yesterday was the real "last day" of my spring break :( Both Graham and Monica are around this weekend, so it's gone back to being super-stressful around here. I no longer can get the computer to myself for long periods of time, stay up until midnight and wake up at noon (like I did last night), or spend the days bumming around in my pajamas doing absolutely nothing. Plus, we "spring forward" an hour tonight, which is totally going to mess up my already-screwed up sleep schedule. Great.

I had to be actually productive yesterday, since I hadn't done anything school-related the entire week. I printed out a few sources for my research paper (which I've decided will be on realism in The West Wing - an absolutely ace topic, given it's been something on my mind lately since I re-watched the last two seasons and has actual sources for me to cite.) I didn't do the research proposal yet, but it won't take as long now that I've got a topic in mind, so I'm planning on doing that during my break on Monday. I'll annotate the sources sometime this weekend, along with reading those stupid, unrelated-to-the-class essays and writing summaries and answering questions about them. But I did watch The War Room and Annie Hall last night for my Film review, both of which were incredibly good. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time picking a film to write a journalistic review on.

The Office was pretty meh this week, but American Idol was surprisingly good. )

I'm still sick, by the way. And I think it's getting worse, which is absolutely great when I have to go back to school. Really.
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I'm contractually obligated to mention Brad and Angelina every five minutes. )
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THAT GRAPHIC IS ACTUALLY A TRUE STORY. Because instead of doing Valentine's Day things earlier today, I spent the majority of the day in bed reading The Thumpin'. Which is incredibly ACE - well written, occassionally funny, and brought back a lot of memories of how obsessed I got over those midterm elections. I still remember sitting in religion class sophomore year, taking about what happened the night before, trying to contain my glee (because I'm a Democrat and that is just not allowed when attending a Catholic school), mentioning Donald Rumsfeld's resignation and no one in the entire class knowing who he was (or even which party the president was from). I highly recommend it. Deep down, Rahm Emanuel is truly a sweetheart. Though how he got Amy to marry him (and put up with him all these years) still remains a mystery.

Anyway, to show that I still love you all, have a few love-related songs!
Love Story - Katharine McPhee
All the Way - Celine Dion
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
More Than Anyone - Gavin DeGraw
Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae
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100 questions meme, stolen from a few friends on Facebook. )

Downloaded more music from Death Cab For Cutie, and there's a new Numb3rs on tonight. Those two events are unrelated but worth mentioning. I'M GOING INSANE FROM MARATHONING SPORTS NIGHT EARLIER, CAN YOU TELL?
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It's been a weird couple of days. I've woken up at 11 AM nearly every day this week, after going to bed at midnight or later. Once I got my Mad Men DVDs, I'd stay up after everyone else went to bed (since I was the only one who didn't have to go to work or school this week) and watch a full disc worth of episodes (usually 4) until 3 or 4 AM, and then sleep until 11. Tuesday night I went to bed at 7:45 because I was so tired, and I ended up sleeping until 5 AM, woke up for a few hours, and then fell asleep again until 10.

Mommy asked me if there was anything wrong (she needed to know since sleeping so much can have adverse effects on my already fragile health), and I told her I didn't know. I was delirious enough to put the Mad Men, NBC News and olympic theme songs on my iPod and listen to them non-stop for the past few days, so that's something. Maybe I was just depressed that I broke my old iPod speakers, bought a new alarm clock/iPod speakers than I didn't like and felt guilty about returning, and then spent over $100 on new ones when I need that money for more important things, like textbooks, which are sure to quickly drain my checking account this semester. Or I'm just really anxious to go back to school after a long break. I don't know.


I finally finished the First Season of Mad Men. )
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Year end things:
- over and over and over, a mix of songs I had on repeat throughout 2008
- top five events in sports & politics, my super lame entry for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy
- 2008 in review meme. )

Tonight's plans include eating excellent shrimp and Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Since my Internet connection shuts off at 10 PM, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Oh, and I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] picfor1000 again because I'm insane I'd like to get back into writing things, and this is my assignment. I'm literally weeping right now. How do I make a good story out of that?
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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Mine was low-key but still really fun. And I got some nice presents as well: both of Barack Obama's books (The Audacity of Hope and Dreams From My Father - which Dad already has his eye on after I'm done reading them), F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Jazz Age Stories, this shirt, an Amazon.com giftcard (to buy the Sports Night DVDs that I didn't get), a huge Hershey's chocolate bar, and an Old Navy Giftcard. However, I did not get the Jim/Pam wedding (or even any mention of one) that I've been praying/hoping for (see icon). I do know that it's probably eventually coming (given recent events), so I guess I have to stay sharp, and when it does come, it's going to kick my ass.

Dad got Mommy a new iPod Nano for Christmas (it's purple!), a gesture that just might be the most adorable thing between them - even though Mommy isn't really a music person. SERIOUSLY. Anyway, Graham was helping Mommy put music on her iPod (it's mostly what Dad's stuff), and it sent me into this late classic-rock kick, so now I've got Crosby, Stills & Nash and Peter Gabriel on my iPod. I put some Bell x1 and Britney Spears' Toxic (shut up) on there as well, so it all works out.

Now that Christmas is over and 2009 is less than a week away, it's time to start doing those "year end" posts. I'm working on my entry for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy, which will probably end up having more writing than actual pictures. And I definitely plan on making a mix of the songs I obsessed over this year. I'm sure you're all looking forward to that.
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Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I'm very excited about tomorrow - church, presents (hopefully), and dinner with aunt&uncle&cousins in Ann Arbor. Tonight's dinner is with just my immediate family, which will be nice, plus A Christmas Story is on TBS later, so we'll probably watch that. And I have some present-wrapping to do. Busy day.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Monica and I frosted a bunch of sugar cookies, plus she made snickerdoodles (didn't turn out so well), and I made oatmeal raisin ones, because they are Dad's favorite. I used Grandma's (Dad's mom) recipe, and Dad was thrilled because he used to have them all the time when he was younger. I'm really glad I did a good job! And then last night Graham and I watched Studio 60's "The Christmas Show" to celebrate. Two years later and I still love the Matt/Harriet kiss (see icon) and when Danny tells Jordan he's in love with her. I may or may not watch The Office's "Christmas Party" and The West Wing Christmas episodes if things don't get too busy. We'll see.

I finally got around to posting my Christmas mix last night, even though I've been listening to it since the beginning of December. It's called "Christmas, Don't Be Late" and it's here at [livejournal.com profile] sixcenturies. I played it while helping my six year old cousin Maggie decorate cookies in Chicago, and she thoroughly enjoyed it and even sang along at various points. So there you go.



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