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My only gripe from the Red Carpet portion is that there are no pics of John and Jenna together. But Jenna looked amazing (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS, IT WAS MY FAVORITE FROM THE NIGHT) and John looked hot as always.

Emmy's 60th Birthday Train Wreck of Awfulness! )


"Shake It" = my new crack. I was singing that and the theme from The Simpsons during commercial breaks to stay positive. Now they're stuck in my head.
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From [ profile] tunaeverynight:

1. Leave a comment saying you would like to be interviewed.
2. I will then respond with 5 questions that could be personal, but not extremely so.
3. Then update your LJ with the questions I've asked.
4. Put these same rules (or something that resemble these rules) with your questions.
5. When people ask you to interview them, you will ask them 5 questions.

my questions & answers. )


I had my first English class today; I HATED IT. The professor was two minutes late (which is no big deal), but we had to wait outside the classroom, which was pretty annoying. She's a short African-American woman whose demeanor I can't really describe. She's not mean, but she treated our entire class like they were a bunch of idiots. And even though it's an English class, we're learning about the 19th Century (that's the 1800's) and the role of women. SOUNDS LIKE HISTORY, RIGHT? THAT'S A WHOLE OTHER CLASS, LAST TIME I CHECKED.

So I went on Rate My Professor and looked her up - all of her reviews are absolutely terrible. I told my parents about her, and so I've dropped the class and waiting to hear if I can get into a later one, which happens to be taught by my College Writing teacher from High School. I'm hoping it works out because I have no other options that work with my current schedule.

The only class I haven't had yet is Speech, I have it tomorrow afternoon. I looked up my professor and found mixed reviews: he's arrogant, he's funny, he's a strict grader and gives a lot of work. I'm really holding out for Speech because I really like English-type classes, and since my actual English class didn't work out so well, I don't want Speech to be ruined because it'll just ruin ALL English classes I have at College. So we'll see how it goes.
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The Olympic Opening Ceremony last night? INCREDIBLY AWESOME. So stunning, and even better when you're watching them in HD on a big screen TV with surround sound, as I did. But nothing compares to seeing them in person, I'm sure. I'D LOVE TO DO THAT.

Then, there was more awesomeness in the form of Kiefer himself confirming that he is the voice of those Bank of America commericals, proving that I CALLED IT AND a hilarious promo for The Office that makes me wish that September 25th wasn't so far away. I WANT IT TO BE HERE, LIKE, RIGHT NOW.


May. 17th, 2008 12:39 pm
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I am ultimately convinced that Kiefer Sutherland is narrating those Bank of America "Keep The Change" advertisements. Unfortunately, I have no evidence or proof to back up this suspicion.
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This week has sucked. But I have Pushing Daisies waiting for me on the DVR, and according to what [ profile] verygoodbread has said, it should cheer me right up.


Wiki compiled a list of shows and how they're affected by the strike, it's here if anyone cares. I was totally relieved when most of the shows said that they have 12 episodes completed, thinking that there are 12 episodes complete in addition to the 7 or 8 that have already aired. WRONG. The "12 episodes" includes the 7 or 8 already aired, so there's only 5 episodes or so left. So if the strike lasts into the new year (which by the way things are going now, it might), I'm going to be totally screwed.


And then there's school. More specifically, my Film&Culture class. On Tuesday, we were about to watch Flatliners (which I was so excited about, because Kiefer is in it), and talking amongst ourselves when the teacher started yelling at us about how he's sick and tired of us talking while he's trying to talk, and then just stormed out of the class, and left for 20 minutes or so. He eventually came back, and instead of letting us watch Flatliners, we had to sit there for an hour and read the chapter in our textbook on sound. No one did; we all ended up going to sleep, and he really didn't seem to care.

Then yesterday, he came in and put on a video he got from the school library on pork (SERIOUSLY. It was high school news program about how pork is good for you and how to prepare it), and afterwards (it was about 7 minutes long), he told us to analyze it. No joke. Only a few people actually did contribute to the discussion, and then we asked him why we had to watch the movie. He told us that we should've liked the movie because it was in English, didn't have subtitles and had teenagers, which we could relate to. Then we had this huge, long pointless discussion about how we don't respect him and his way of punishing us is really stupid and he should just get over it. He said a pretty mean comment to one girl, and she ended up leaving right in the middle of the discussion and didn't come back for the rest of class. The class ended with us still arguing with him, and we really thought that all we'd do is watch stupid movies, argue, and sleep. Seriously, WASTE OF TIME.

Today, I found out from one of the girls in my class (who's really tight with the teacher) that he's going to let us watch Flatliners tomorrow, and he's gotten over the whole thing. I'm still a bit unsure, because of the way he's acted the past few days, but I really want to get back to watching GOOD movies. (Plus, KIEFER! I haven't seen him in FOREVER.)


Last new episode of The Office tonight, boo. I'm a HUGE supporter of the writer's strike, but I'm really going to miss it (and eventually every other show I watch) if the strike continues. So, MAKE A DEAL WITH THE WRITERS AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES. (I'm still looking at you, NBC. You know The Office is on your network, right?). But I put John Krasinski on my desktop, so CHEERS. But still, boo to NBC.
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I'm using my Jordan icon, because her expression is totally how I'm feeling today. Although this icon is from the Drunk!Jordan episode, and I'm using it in a "SERIOUSLY?" way. Heh.

I really didn't have high expectations for the Emmys, because they were on FOX. So.  )
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Watched The Nine yesterday morning, and I was totally okay with it. And Donald Sutherland scares the crap out of me. (I know, it has nothing to do with The Nine, but still. There was a commercial for his new show, and OMG HE SCARED ME. More than Kiefer does in those instances when he starts yelling and getting all scary.)


Had the most disturbing dream a few nights ago. I won't go totally into details, but it did involve my very creepy history/psychology teacher, my old neighborhood, and a gun. All I can say is that I really shouldn't watch Criminal Minds before bed. Even though I didn't even fall alseep until midnight or so. I really didn't think that it could affect me, since I've watched it for so long, but I guess it has finally caught up to me.


Today is Monica's birthday, so I went out to lunch with her and Mommy. She's having a few friends over tonight for pizza&cake&icecream and then going to see Hairspray. She invited me to come, and I am so excited, because OMG ALLISON. EEE. Although I will have to take a nap when I get home, because the movie's at 9:30ish and I don't think I can stay up that late in the dark theater. I am quite tired right now, so that's some sort of a start.
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I woke up around 8:50 AM and realized that I'd missed the Emmy noms. But I taped them, so everything was okay, at least until the actual nominations came out. All I have to say is this. ) Honestly, I could care less. I think it has something to do with the fact that they're on FOX this year and I don't know who's hosting them. Not that I really care.


My birthday went great, thanks for noticing. I went shopping in the morning; bought myself a new pair of really cool headphones and ordered a TWoP book that comes in sometime next week from Borders. Had a very excellent coffee drink there and read Jane magazine, which I bought and promptly fell in love with. Went to dinner at Red Robin with my parents and got my picture taken with Red (the mascot) but forgot to mention to the waiter that it was my birthday, so I didn't get an ice cream sundae or sung to. But that was okay, because I had an ice cream cake at home (Graham is the only one who's eaten it so far), and awesome presents to open. I got The Office S2, Criminal Minds, and The West Wing S5 from my parents, and a $50 dollar Old Navy gift card from my grandma. Will spend it sometime next week when I go back to Borders, because they're in the same area.


My book from Amazon arrived yesterday, but from UPS, not the mail. It's The Poisonwood Bible, which is my summer reading book this year. I'm only about 80 pages in, but it's very good. I have until the end of August to finish & review it, which is about 400 pages or so. Double Eeep.
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Happy New Year, alls.

2006 in review. )

AND. Signed up [ profile] picfor1000 because I need to write more. Also, because I am a crazy person who thinks she can write an 1000 word story, when I actually can not. But I will try. It is a new year, after all.

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Today is Kiefer's 40th birthday. To celebrate, I will be watching I Trust You To Kill Me (again - it's on really late tonight so will watch tomorrow), and maybe 24. That is only if the DVD player can be hooked up. We shall see.

Went to Secretary of State today after finals with Mommy to get my license. I had to fill out a form and take a vision test, both of which were really easy. I can't actually start driving until tomorrow, because we're getting a second brake installed. I may be going out driving with my dad tomorrow. I need to get a lot of practice in.

Why did I tape CSI:NY last night? WHY?

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I start driver's ed in a little less than two hours, and I'm freaking out.

This weekend was totally a KieferSutherland weekend. Watched I Trust You To Kill Me Saturday night on vh1, which was totally amazing and amusing at the same time. And then Sunday night he was on The Simpsons, and it was totally hard to tell that it was him with the accent. But him saying "FRONT LINE INFANTRY!" was hilarious.

Meme, stolen from [ profile] wistful_memory.

When you see this on your f-list, quote 'The West Wing'

LEO: Andrew Jackson, in the main foyer of his White House had a big block of cheese.
TOBY: Huh.
LEO: I am making a mental list of those who are snickering, and even as I speak I am preparing appropriate retribution. The block of cheese was huge - over two tons. And it was there for any and all who might be hungry.
TOBY: Leo, wouldn't this time be better spent plotting a war against a country that can't possibly defend itself against us?
LEO: We can do that later, Toby. Right now I'm talking about President Andrew Jackson.
SAM: Actually, right now, you're talking about a big block of cheese.
LEO: And Sam goes on my list!
SAM: What about Toby?
LEO: I'm unpredictable. Jackson wanted the White House to belong to the people, so from time to time, he opened his doors to those who wished an audience.
MANDY: And then he locked the doors behind them and made them eat two tons of cheese.
LEO: It is in that spirit...
SAM: Hang on. Mandy doesn't go on the list?
LEO: Mandy's new.
SAM: So it's just me... on the list?
LEO: Yes. It is in the spirit of Andrew Jackson that I, from time to time, ask senior staff to have face-to-face meetings with those people representing organizations who have a difficult time getting our attention. I know the more jaded among you, see this as something rather beneath you. But I assure you that listening to the voices of passionate Americans is beneath no one, and surely not the peoples' servants.
JOSH: [walks in with C.J.] Sorry we're late. Is it "Total Crackpot Day" again?
LEO: Yes, it is.
SAM: And let us please note that Josh does not go on the list.

^ From The Crackpots And These Women, one of my favorite WW eps.


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