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Edit: Cut for spoilers. Thank you, [ profile] delgaserasca! And a very big "I'm sorry" to those of you who were accidentally spoiled. I don't have very many NCIS fans on my flist, and just assumed that since it's been a week, everyone had seen it. I WILL NEVER ASSUME THINGS AGAIN!

House Pretty Much Ruined It For Us All, or Why Maureen May Not Watch NCIS This Fall. )

On a lighter note, I ordered a free House Emmy consideration support button here, and was excited to see that RSL may be considered for an Emmy. I can't wait, since they're announced the day before my birthday. Great noms would be a perfect present!
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Three very brief things:

1. NCIS is having a two-hour season finale next week. I AM SO THERE.
2. Barack Obama was in Metro Detroit today, and I didn't know about it. WHY, I DON'T KNOW.
3. I'm off to attend an awards ceremony at school which I'm certain will be boring and stupid since I'm not getting any awards. SERIOUSLY. I failed Pre-Calc and got knocked off the Honor Roll, and I know I'm not getting the foreign Language award because I failed Spanish. I can only hope I get an award for Choir. I WORKED HARD IN THAT CLASS, DAMMIT.
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Well, there goes my inside joke. THANKS A LOT, SPANISH. YOU HAVE FAILED ME YET AGAIN.


I really need to stop posting entries only on Wednesdays. Seriously, I'm on the computer everyday, and SOMETHING worthy of posting happens everyday, even if it is just spam. Why do I just wait until Wednesday to make huge posts? REALLY, NOT NECESSARY.


Oh, [ profile] picfor1000. You're never going to be finished, are you? Definitely not. Even though I've gotten back into writing things (brain is starting to work again, thanks to the strike being over), I just can't do it. I need more episodes of The Office!


NCIS!! Why are you so addictive and wonderful? Why do you have to keep me away from doing my AP Spanish homework? WHY?


Here's to hoping Girl's Night of American Idol goes a lot better than last night!


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