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So NBC's official site for The Office has this little thing called "The 12 Days of Christmas" wherein each of the characters reveal what they'll be doing for the holidays. Andy and Creed's are spot-on in terms of characterization and Erin's is absolutely adorable, but I've really been waiting for the Jim and Pam one - they only reveal one each day. Sure enough, today was their day:

I'm pregnant this year, so this will be Jim and my last Christmas where it's just the two of us. Even though the baby hasn't been born, we couldn't resist getting a stocking and filling it with goodies. We don't know the sex, so it's filled with unisex toys: a ball, Big Bird raddle, and Raggedy Ann Doll (Jim's idea of unisex). We got a baby bulb too. It says, “Baby’s first Christmas”, and I added, “In my belly” with a sharpie. We’ve also taken a photo of our baby with Santa - we went to the mall and asked Santa to hold our ultrasound photo up while we snapped a picture - it’s going on the Christmas card.

At 6 months pregnant it isn't easy for me to move around, so Jim will have to do most of the cooking, cleaning and shopping. And he's taller, so it's easier for him to put up the Christmas decorations too. I'm still doing my share; I'm making the shopping list and writing the Christmas cards to my side of the family (featuring a photo of the ultra sound). It's going to be hard on me, but I'll make the most of it ;)

Adorable, right? Between this and the scene in the Producer's Cut of "Secret Santa", we are getting such great stuff - although I am disappointed it's not actually on television. COME ON, SHOW. (Also, I am perfectly at peace with Jim and Pam not knowing the sex, both from a character perspective and a show perspective. It provides an element of surprise for both them and the viewers of the show; gives the writers more time to come to a conclusion - helpful if the team of writers are in disagreement; and there's less of a chance that people will come out hating the chosen sex until the baby's already here. Though still very, very annoyed by the fact that the birth won't be shown until March because of the Olympics. That was a bad decision on all fronts.)
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We interrupt studying for midterms to bring you three and a half of my latest dreams. )

In other news: I loved last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother. Like, a lot.
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I had an incredibly bizarre fandom-related dream last night. )

Relatedly, vaguest promo ever? I think so. Though I'm really excited that it's FINALLY coming next week and not, you know, months from now - almost a little too excited. And the fact the promo is incredibly vague doesn't help things at all.
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I've been surprisingly productive over the past couple of days. Like, I actually got out of the house and went places! Yesterday, Mommy and I went to the mall, as I needed to exchange a pair of boxers I bought at American Eagle (I originally got a large, thinking that with being 100% cotton they'd shrink, but obviously I over estimated how much they needed to shrink - so I exchanged them for a small), as well as stop into the Gap that's there to check on the status of my job application (so many people have applied that hiring manager hasn't looked over them yet, but they took down my name and number.) Mommy and I also stopped into this store that had just opened up a few months ago - Crazy 8, it's called - to pick out a gift for one of her favorite doctors at the hospital, who's having a little girl in June. YOU GUYS, BABY CLOTHES ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, GIRL CLOTHES ESPECIALLY. Mommy ended up buying this, but this was also a possibility. Cute, right? Can't you just imagine Jim and Pam's (hopefully) little girl wearing such things? I can.

And today I went to the dentist with Graham; surprisingly, I don't dread going there - the dentist is really nice, and today, I caught up on a month's worth of Entertainment Weekly AND got a free sample size toothpaste! Then we stopped at Wal-Mart, since Graham needed to pick up some stuff, and let me tell you: BAD IDEA. I hate going to Wal-Mart as it is, but they're currently in the process of remodeling, so everything's a mess. We had to walk around the entire store nearly three times looking for the shampoo/body care/toothpaste section, until we finally found it on our way out - it was by the other entrance at the other side of the store. GAH.

Taking it easy for Memorial Day weekend, I think. I'm going to be alone for the majority of it, as Graham, Monica and Dad are all going to be refereeing a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday. There's a parade downtown that I may or may not go to - depends on what everyone else is doing (although Mommy has expressed a desire to go as well.) My plans are to watch the last batch of Prison Break episodes (I purposefully didn't watch them when they originally aired on TV so that I could just marathon them online), as well as work on my [ profile] inrevelations story, which is SURPRISE! due next weekend. Have I started it? Not really - I only have the first line written down and a vague idea of where the story's actually going to go. I got really excited when I first got the assignment, thinking that since I'm finally out of school, I'll have all kinds of time! Where did it go?
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It's 12:30 AM! And I'm surprisingly really, really exhausted, despite the fact I did absolutely nothing and desperately need to go to bed, but I wanted to very quickly post my reaction to the House season finale so I don't have to do it tomorrow, overshadowing the BIG DAMN UPDATE I've got planned.

thoughts on the last 15-20 minutes of the episode. )

And with that pretentious mess, I need to go to sleep.
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Good morning, flist! I'm skipping Human Relations this morning because it's Inauguration Day, and I AM PUMPED. I FINALLY finished The Audacity of Hope earlier this morning (now Mommy and Dad can fight over who gets to read it next; I'm banking on Dad), I'm proudly wearing my Obama t-shirt, and there's a inauguration watch party in the student center from 10 to 1 that I've decided to attend; I originally planned to watch by myself in the computer lab, but you can't eat in there, and I could get hungry. There will be free popcorn at the party, and the cafeteria's upstairs if I want anything else. Plus it's a chance to meet people. PUMPED, I TELL YOU.

ANYWAY. Remember when Monday nights consisted of House and New Amsterdam? ME TOO. )

I have a paper on Dial M For Murder due tomorrow, which I plan on doing after I'm done with classes, since I have to stay here for a few hours until Mommy can pick me up. I'm also going to try and find the finale of The West Wing online, even though it's on TV later. Big day.
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I'm just upset that it doesn't happen for another two weeks. Why isn't it Monday yet?

Unrelatedly, it's going to be super super cold tonight and tomorrow - the absolute worst weather to walk around campus in. But tonight's dinner is homemade chicken noodle soup! And I'll be staying warm inside with a toasty fireplace while doing various school readings and watching American Idol. Also: COZY BLANKETS.
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Year end things:
- over and over and over, a mix of songs I had on repeat throughout 2008
- top five events in sports & politics, my super lame entry for [ profile] picspammy
- 2008 in review meme. )

Tonight's plans include eating excellent shrimp and Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Since my Internet connection shuts off at 10 PM, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Oh, and I signed up for [ profile] picfor1000 again because I'm insane I'd like to get back into writing things, and this is my assignment. I'm literally weeping right now. How do I make a good story out of that?


Dec. 30th, 2008 06:21 pm
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  1. My sleep schedule is totally shot these days. For example, I went to bed at 1 AM because I just had to watch two episodes of Mad Men before bed instead of one. Then I woke up at 9:30 AM because Monica, Mommy & I went shopping. After we got home at 1 PM, I took a nearly 5 hour nap. So as much as I want to deny it, the majority of my break is spent sleeping. That's probably the reason I haven't been feeling well these past few days.

  2. I bought a really cute navy&white striped sweater that makes me feel very Parisian and a pair of adorable flats with butterflies on them at Old Navy with my giftcard. Together they cost about $15, so I still have a lot left. I may buy a few things online that I couldn't get in the store, or wait until new things come in and buy something then. We'll see.

  3. I got an email this morning notifying me that my Mad Men DVD's have shipped, so they'll be here on the 5th. I'm very excited to get them! I considered buying them at Target today, they were $40 and not on sale; Mine were only $27 and already on their way here, so things would've gotten complicated re: returns. I've decided to hold off watching the show until my DVDs get here because I've got books to read. I finished Sammy's Hill earlier today, so next up is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I want to read before I see the movie, and The Audacity of Hope, which I'd like to finish (or at least make a dent in) before the inauguration. Plus I've got a whole week to week to watch the DVDs, which is plenty of time.

  4. I watched Baby Mama last night with the fam. Despite the fact that I am incredibly baby-crazy, I wouldn't have watched it had it not been for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, or Steve Martin as a wacky hippie. But it was pretty enjoyable.

  5. Things I like after watching four more eps of Mad Men: Betty Draper. CTB from House as a pregnant brunette and acting just as bitchy. Trudy Campbell. Rich Sommer (Alex from The Office)'s character. The fact that Mr. Sterling randomly shows up in an episode. JOAN AND HER BOOBS, OMG.

  6. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, which means it's the last day I can do end of the year posts. I must get on that.
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Apparently there was no review session this morning; It was just a tutor available to answer any questions we had, and I was the only one who showed up. So I got up at 7:30 this morning (after falling asleep at midnight) for nothing. Dad was pissed at me because I wanted to come home instead of wait around at the library for someone to show up, and neither Mommy or Dad answered their phones when I tried to call them to say that there wasn't one. So I was stuck at the library for longer than I wanted to be. I'd really wanted to attend, but since it was with a bunch of other math classes, it was going to be a general overview, and I can do that at home. I don't even know what this final is going to be on; I won't find out until Wednesday, and the final's on Thursday. I've got homework from other classes that's due Monday&Tuesday (plus finals and my last Stats test those days), that I need to do that's more important, and I don't want to waste time by spending all day at the library just so I can boost my grade in one class. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED IT.

My English final was super easy. I wish I could say the same for the rest of them, but I know that's not true. I did decide to take my Government final on Thursday, because that evenly splits the tests (2 on both Tuesday&Thursday, instead of 3 on Tuesday and 1 on Thursday.) Then I can use that break on Tuesday as extra study time. Or something.

The only good TV this week (besides House, of course) was CSI:NY, and even then the very end was the best part. The other shows (The Office, Criminal Minds, 30 Rock) were either lacking or very standard fare. I know for a fact I won't be able to contain myself during this hiatus. I WANT IT TO BE JANUARY NOW, PLZ.

Speaking of that excellent episode of House, [ profile] fated_addiction wrote me Cuddy/tinybaby!Cuddy fic because I stumped her in one her writing memes. I've never had fic written for me before! It's one of the best fics I've ever read, and I love it so.

I'm making a "songs to study/do homework to" mix instead of typing out my Speech study guide. I might hand-write it instead. I finished another set of Astronomy review questions before my CT scan, so I only have one left, plus a lab project that won't take very long. And then there's Stats homework and subsequent studying for the test on Tuesday. I probably won't study for Astronomy&Stats finals until the day before because I still don't know what they're on. I just want to get this over with so I can relax.


Dec. 9th, 2008 09:46 pm
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House's Christmas Episode = AMAZING. )

I have my English final tomorrow (still totally clueless on what it entails), and I came to the realization that I can't attend my former high school's Christmas concert on Thursday because of my CT scan. So what's new with you?

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Yesterday, Government was canceled, I got Burger King during Speech, and slept in my own bed. Could I have asked for a better day? Not really.

Some thoughts about last night's House. )

Dad turned in his absentee ballot today before taking me to school (he has Election Day off, but the lines at the polling place are probably going to be really long and he doesn't want to wait), and he told me he voted for Obama, which I was extremely happy about. I hope I can get Mommy to vote the same way. I am worried about getting myself to the polls; Mommy might be working, I don't drive, it'll be too cold to walk to the polling place, and I have classes from 10-4 that day. And I can't vote absentee for this election because I'm a first-time voter. I'm determined to go to the polls and actually fill out a ballot, so I hope this whole thing works out. AND I REFUSE TO WALK IN THE MICHIGAN COLD THAT IS NOVEMBER WEATHER.
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I deleted my last entry; by now, you all know that Amy Poehler had her baby boy yesterday. His name is Archie (WHICH SOUNDS ADORABLE WITH THE LAST NAME ARNETT), and even though he's only a day old, he's already got a legion of fans and a possible arranged marriage to Tina Fey's daughter Alice. I'm so happy for Will&Amy. Although I am kinda sad that Amy is possibly done with SNL. I mean, how can you leave so soon when Seth Meyers missed having you at the Weekend Update desk with him and Maya Rudolph&Kenan Thompson sang about how they love you soso much and can't wait to meet your baby?

And even though Amy was absent from SNL, it was still AMAZING. I don't think I've ever enjoyed/laughed so hard during that hour and a half. Jon Hamm as host and Coldplay as musical guest was basically all I could want from them at this point. From Jason Sudekiis' Joe Biden impression to the Mad Men parodies to the Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour to the shout-out to Amy on Weekend Update to Vincent Price's Halloween Special, I loved it all. My only gripes are the "Rastafari" Digital Short and the fact that neither of Coldplay's two additional performances were "Violet Hill", my favorite song off Viva La Vida. But I made up for it by listening to it before I went to bed.

Relatedly, I should start watching Mad Men, yes? I think that can be managed.

I've spent the past two days attempting to do the rest of my Stats homework. I get halfway through a section before I start stressing myself out and getting a major headache, and then I eventually give up. I haven't finished it yet, and I doubt I ever will. It's due Tuesday (same day as the test), but I'm more worried about how I'll do on this test than finishing my homework. I haven't even attempted to start studying because the homework stressed me out. And I've got my Astronomy Observation lab that isn't done yet, and it's due Wednesday. I'm freaking out over all of this. COLLEGE IS STRESSFUL AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

Grandma is taking us out to Ruby Tuesday for dinner tonight. YAY.
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  1. I'm feeling a lot better than I did a few days ago; Sore throat is gone, and the stuffy/runny nose is disappearing as well.

  2. It's becoming more and more likely that I'm going to have to take my Speech class online next semester, because the only in-class option is on Wednesdays from 6-9 in the evening, which is super inconvenient to my parent's schedules. I haven't taken an online college course yet (I shied away from them this semester because I was taking a full load and there wouldn't be any time), so I'm pretty nervous, but I think I'll be able to manage one next semester. I've got the schedule roughly planned out where I'm only at school 4 days a week (no classes on Fridays again, whoop whoop) and am only there from 8 until 3 instead of 10 until 6, which is what my schedule looks like now. I'll talk to Mommy and Dad to see what they have to say. I hope they agree with me; I really don't want to take a late night class, especially with my Wednesday Night TV!

  3. All I have to say about Criminal Minds is that if Psycho didn't ruin staying in roadside motels for me, this episode definitely did. Also, isn't AJ Cook about ready to have her baby? I think so.

  4. My grandma (Dad's mom) is coming here later tonight, which should be a lot of fun. We watch a lot of the same TV shows, and I'm going to try to get her into The Office, because she's never seen it, but absolutely loves Steve Carell. Although it does mean I have to completely clean my room (plus bathroom) so she can stay there. Which is what I have to look forward to when I get home, because I was super-busy this past weekend entertaining small cousins and doing home work, leaving no time to clean. My room isn't super messy, so it won't take long, but still. I hate cleaning.

  5. I have several Astronomy related projects to do over the weekend, because I either lef them until the last minute, or they were done in class on the day I skipped. So in addition to doing 4 chapters of Stats homework, plus studying for a Stats test on Tuesday, I've got hours and hours of Astronomy to do. TRA-FRAKKING-LA.

  6. I'm really excited for House next week. But not for the reason that some other people are.
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  1. I definitely feel a lot better than I did yesterday, except I'm still really tired.
  2. House was really uninteresting last night, and ran a few minutes long, which I didn't appreciate. I've noticed with this show that when a major character isn't in the episode, it isn't very good. House is kind of lacking this season; I think it's from a lack of new material/storylines.
  3. Eureka, however, was incredibly AWESOME. I can't believe that was the season finale! )
  4. Received a 70 on my Stats test, which isn't great, just average. With that I have an 88% in the class, or a 3.8 GPA. That's fine with me, as this is kinda difficult to understand. I know it's going to get harder as it goes on, so I hope I can stay where I'm at. And I know now to always have my calculator with me!
  5. Allison Janney and Ellen played "I Smash Your Face" yesterday, where they threw baseballs at plates with each other's faces on them. It was hilarous. And eating Pad Thai while watching made it even more fun.
  6. I'm modifing my [ profile] picspammy project a tiny bit; instead doing one long picspam of Matt&Harry (since it takes to long and I don't have that kind of time anymore) , I'm just going to pick a few key moments that I personally loved, with accompanying quotes. So that way I can get all nostalgic and do it in the 6 days I have left.
  7. THE OFFICE PREMIERE TOMORROW! *flails* Luckily I've only got two morning classes, and then the rest of the afternoon to get ready. I have no idea what I'm going to do to celebrate. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I'M EXCITED.
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  1. I woke up at 5:30 this morning (after going to bed around 10 last night), because I'm starting to get sick. I have the beginnings of a cold and a slight sore throat. I checked my symptoms on WebMD a little while ago and it sounds as if I have a sinus infection. So today I'm going to take it easy, drink lots of fluids (orange juice especially) and take some Sudafed. I absolutely hate being sick during the summer, but the weather here has been really crazy (sunny and mid-70's for the past week, but now it's raining outside), so that's probably the cause. I just hope I'm better by the time school starts next week.

  2. I didn't stay up to watch Joe Biden's speech last night because I was so tired, but Mommy told me this morning that he did a wonderful job and is a great guy, but still keeps saying that he would make a better Secretary of State. I'm in the process of watching it online. (Also, what gives Hilary Clinton the right to stop the roll call and just declare Barack Obama the Democratic nominee? THE ROLL CALL IS THE WHOLE REASON WE HAVE THESE CONVENTIONS.)

  3. Diane Farr had her twin girls yesterday! And I absolutely love the names - Sawyer and Coco. I can't wait to see pictures of them; I'm sure they'll be just as cute (if not cuter) than Beckett. I'm going to miss her on Numb3rs this season (it just won't be the same without her!), and wish her luck taking care of her kids; she's going to have a handful with three kids under the age of 2.

  4. I really, really want to get The Office season 4 DVD from Target on Tuesday when it comes out (DVD of bonus footage, yay), but I don't think I'll be able to because I have no way of getting there. But I think Monica will be back in school by then, so it will just be Mommy and I at home. I'll ask her (and try to pull the "I can pay for it, you won't have to buy it for me for Christmas blah blah blah" card) and see what she says. I hope it works out! *crosses fingers*

  5. Maroon 5 is coming to town tomorrow night with Counting Crows&Augustana and I've been wanting to go ever since they announced it because the concert was obviously made for me. But just like every other concert I want to go to, I can't because I don't have anyone to go with, I have no money and/or no one will take me. I hate my life sometimes.

  6. I love having this little week-long break between the end of my Summer class and the beginning of my Fall classes, but now that I see all my friends who have gone away to college starting classes, I really want to start school as well. I know I'm going to regret wishing that.
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Yesterday, I was in a horrible mood. I didn't do as well as I thought I would on my math exam (only an 84% this time), and Mommy, Graham and Monica were all being incredibly obnoxious and loud while I attempted to clean our downstairs bathroom.

The situation, however, was rectified later that night with The Big Bang Theory and mint chocolate chip ice cream.


I did not know that Marisol Nichols (Nadia from 24) and Anne Dudek (Amber/CTB from House) are pregnant! I check Celebrity Baby Blog everyday and I am still out of the loop. Le sigh.


My great-aunt is coming from Scotland this afternoon (like, in an hour, she'll be at our house), and I didn't have a chance to vacuum or clean my bathroom yesterday (because I was so busy cleaning the rest of the house), and planned to do it today, because I thought she wasn't coming until later. Apparently that's not the case.
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Last night's Numb3rs left me utterly confused - was that the actual season finale? I had to have Monica explain it to me, and that possibly confused me even more.

I don't know if I'll watch next season or even get this season on DVD; Megan was the only reason I have season 2 and not season 1. I didn't buy season 3 because there's a huge chunk of episodes that don't have Megan in them, and it's a waste of money for that. This season was just too short (THANKS A LOT, AMPTP), and I definitely would've liked to see the reasons for Megan's departure last season spelled out a little more.

BUT. This picture of Diane Farr playing with Beckett is possibly the cutest thing I've seen in awhile. And apparently she's expecting twin girls? CUTE.
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Diane Farr is leaving Numb3rs, possibly because she's pregnant. (WITH TWINS!)

All I have to say is that instead of casting someone new, they should totally bring back Liz Warner (who cares if she's totally undeveloped and boring, she's a lot better than someone new); and she's going to have her hands full with three kids under the age of two - I've babysat my cousins at when they were that age, and it was CRAZY. And I only took care of them for a few hours; I can't imagine having them around permanently.


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