Dec. 31st, 2009 02:48 pm
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Hard to believe that this year is almost over - seems like just yesterday we were all waiting for Obama to be inaugurated, and now he's been president for almost a year. And the decade is also coming to a close; those ten years have just flown by. I feel so old.

Quick year end wrap-up:
+ here it goes again, a mix of songs I listened to on repeat in 2009
+ favorite tv shows of the decade, my entry for [livejournal.com profile] picspammy
+ 2009: a year in fandom )
+ Year in review: 2009 )


Attending a New Year's Eve party at my aunt&uncle&cousins later tonight, something I've never done in all my years of celebrating NYE. Usually we just sit around in front of the TV eating shrimp and watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest - which has become a thing in the past few years, as I always like to see how Dick Clark is looking in the years after he had that terrible stroke. I secretly fear I won't get to see that tonight; although, how will we know it's officially midnight here? And wouldn't everyone like to see the ball drop in Times Square? These are the things I think about.

Probably won't be around LJ much for the rest of the day, though I'll probably be tweeting at the party tonight via my phone. So: HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2010 be filled with awesome, happiness and general good things.
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*attempts to get this posted before tonight's season finale*

Mad Men 3x12: The Grownups. )
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It's great to be back. I haven't seen them since before I left for Grand Valley at the end of August, and even though I talk to my parents on the phone every Sunday night, it's just not the same as seeing them in person. I was near tears when I walked in the door, and both my parents gave me huge hugs when they saw me (Dad was home when I arrived, but Mommy came in a little bit later.) That good mood was quickly crushed when I went upstairs to my room to put my stuff away and saw that Monica, who has been using my bedroom for its better WiFi connection and my bathroom in general (since she normally shares a bathroom with Graham and well... EW), had completely trashed the place. She knew I'd be coming home this weekend, so she could at least make the effort to clean it up to almost how she found it.

My parents were being their adorable selves last night while watching Law & Order with me - Mommy especially, in the way she gets so wrapped up in watching these crime procedurals. I was really excited that even with a stop at Meijer and Wendy's for dinner, I was able to make it home in time to see it; how could I not, as it was two hours in HD on our big-screen TV! SO SHINY. Except it ended up being two completely different episodes instead of one big long one (which I would've preferred, seeing as the first episode sort-of ended in a cliffhanger.) [livejournal.com profile] daygloparker's right: tres disappointing. And Numb3rs wasn't much better, partially because our CBS HD feed was faulty, and this is still on my mind.

Today I spent most of the day watching C-SPAN coverage of the Health Care Reform debate in Congress - something I'd never thought I'd do, plus I planned to spend at least part of the day doing more research for my World Politics memo essay (Due Thursday, have not started it yet. I forsee a lot of late nights in my future.) Obviously, that did not get done, and it probably won't happen tomorrow either - I plan on watching Rachel Maddow do Meet the Press and then watch the Patriots/Dolphins game before I have to go back to campus in the late afternoon. I could attempt to start it tomorrow night, but who knows how tired I'll be. Plus I still haven't re-watched last weeks' Mad Men, and I'd really like to talk about it before the finale.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift is adorable.
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Things I need to talk about:

+ Tonight's episode of Mad Men (HOW COULD I NOT?)
- The fact that I'm pissed that my New York Giants haven't won a game lately
+ The past three episodes of House
- Why I gave up on Glee

Unfortunately, none of this will be attempted until at least Wednesday, since I have an exam in eight hours that I've barely studied for and a paper due Tuesday that I haven't started and really don't want to write - and of course, I'm the girl who doesn't pull all-nighters and overstresses herself out more often than she should. GAH.

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This meme in no way makes up for the fact that I haven't done a real-life update in quite some time. )

Other things I need to post about besides real life things: the past three episodes of House and general thoughts on this season of Mad Men - which, sadly, is almost over. Where did the time go, you guys?
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Long time, no update. Here goes.

School is going along fine. A little stressful, seeing as it's midterm time already - even though I've only been in classes for not quite two months. Luckily, they're not all in the same week and aren't all technically "midterms". I had my first exam in Social Problems last Monday (received an 82% - not as well as I thought I did - but it's the only first exam and I really didn't know what to expect, and I can make it up by doing really well on the other two), a take-home essay for Mass Media&American Politics due Tuesday (which if you saw my tweets Monday night, you know how hard it was for me to get through it), and the rest are all this week: I have a paper/presentation due Monday evening for Communications Research, and exams Thursday and Friday for World Politics and Concepts of Communication, respectively. So yeah, I'm going to be super-busy this weekend. If only the apartment wasn't so cold and there wasn't an America's Next Top Model marathon on Bravo right now, I'd totally be motivated to actually work.

In other real-life news, I NEED A JOB. BADLY. Though this is nothing new, I am running out of money way too fast for someone in my situation. I can't even pay off my credit card bill anymore, that's how bad it is. But sadly, I've been so busy with other school things that I haven't had a chance to check out Grand Valley's student employment office. Maybe after midterms are done and things quiet down academic-wise. If all else fails, I can see if the campus newspaper is still looking for people, even if it's going to be extra work.

TV has been hit or miss so far for me. Mad Men has been incredibly enjoyable as of late - it's really hitting its stride, and I'm anxious to see what's coming next. The Big Bang Theory remains hilarious as always, and I'm really warming up to Barney/Robin on How I Met Your Mother. CSI:NY and Criminal Minds have been really uninteresting this season so far, but I refuse to give either of them up because a) I'd have nothing to do on Wednesday nights, and b) I want to see them get better. I am, however, really excited that 30 Rock returns next Thursday - Liz Lemon&Co. have been absent from my life for far too long. I've also watched this weeks' The Office and House, but I think both of those need a re-watch and their own posts for extended thoughts and analysis. Those will come soon enough.

The NFL has also been in my life lately, which, yay. Great way to spend a Sunday, you guys. And my New York Giants are undefeated so far, which is awesome. Although I'm disappointed I don't get to watch as many of their games on TV as I'd like.
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This has really not been my week, school-wise.

- I have a class at 9 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - so in order to be dressed, get my stuff together, eat breakfast AND putter around the internet for a few minutes before leaving the apartment around 8:30, I have to wake up at 7:30, 7:45 at the absolute latest. So I stayed up until around 1 AM Sunday night because of the Emmys, and was thus jarred awake Monday morning by my alarm clock. I turned the alarm off, thinking I could get an extra 15 minutes of sleep. That totally did not happen; I ended up waking up at 8:30 - the exact time I needed to leave the apartment. It was too late for me to get to my first class, so I stayed in bed and watched this week's Mad Men, planning to be ready in time for my next class at 12. Except I was totally not thinking straight that day, because I thought my class was at 1, and it was not until I was all dressed and ready to go at 12:30 that I realized that class really was a 12 and had missed it. Though I did make it to my Monday evening class, because that only meets once a week and if I dare ever miss it, I would be screwed.

- On Tuesday, I was planning on going to the weekly meeting of Grand Valley's TV station at 9:15 PM, but I was also incredibly tired. So I took a nap from 7:30 to 8:45, but was still really sleepy and decided not to go. But then I slept until 11 PM, stayed up for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep until 7:30 the next morning. WEIRDEST SLEEP SCHEDULE EVER.

- I missed my first class yesterday morning simply because I was tired and didn't feel like going. It's my Mass Media & American Politics class, which I really like and actively participate in, but I figured I could miss the class just the one time, and the outline for the class is available online. Still, I feel guilty about missing the class simply because I was tired - even if the professor doesn't care why you're absent.

- Totally forgot to do my first writing assignment for my Comm class, so I have to do it this weekend, turn it in late and only get half credit. Simply because I forgot it was due today. BLERGH.


BUT. Positives! Numb3rs premieres tonight - in just a few hours, actually! I REALLY COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I bought peach rings all the way back at the beginning of the school year in anticipation, and now I FINALLY get to eat them while I watch in celebration. And I'm going to try and hit up Meijer to get the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly that the flist has being chattering about - I tried to get it earlier this afternoon, but last week's issue was still on display. I figured if I go tomorrow afternoon/evening they should have it by then. I can also see if I got in the mail back home (I have a 3 month trial subscription that I don't think has quite run out yet) and if so, have it sent to me. Plus it's the weekend, so you know what that means: SLEEP!
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I had an incredibly bizarre fandom-related dream last night. )

Relatedly, vaguest promo ever? I think so. Though I'm really excited that it's FINALLY coming next week and not, you know, months from now - almost a little too excited. And the fact the promo is incredibly vague doesn't help things at all.
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So I leave for Grand Valley on Wednesday. As in three days from now. I am really not ready to move on to this next phase of my life, despite the fact that a) I FINALLY have on-campus housing after weeks and weeks of impatiently waiting (I'll be living in an on-campus apartment with three other girls, two of them are also transfer students); and b) I have almost everything I need to make this transition, including my own laptop (!!!!!!!). I've been totally psyched out to go there for nearly a year, but now that it's so close to actually happening I'm freaking out. I mean, this will be the first time I've ever lived on my own, away from my family, for an extended period of time. So it's basically a totally new experience for me, and I hope it goes as well as I think it will.

But I have so much to do in those final three days. I did a massive load of laundry comprised of some of the clothes I'm taking with me (also partly because I had no clean clothes left at that point), and today I gathered up all the books/magazines/DVDs I want to take. Tomorrow I need to wash my sheets and towels for the dorm, and attempt to start packing things up. Tuesday Mommy and I are doing some last-minute shopping (mostly for food, plus a couple of last-minute things we couldn't get during our shopping excursion on Friday), and I'll finish packing. Then on Wednesday I leave, and begin the next phase of my life at Grand Valley.


I haven't really been doing anything else the past few weeks besides stress over college things. I finally did finish Richard Wolffe's Renegade, which is an absolute relief. I mean, I love Richard Wolffe, but you'd think a guy who has a great sense of humor and found it hilarious that he was jokingly referred to as a "Nazi" on Saturday Night Live would be able to write a book that was at least a bit more engaging; apparently that is not the case. This was an historic election, and if you have the honor of writing the first book about the new president, wouldn't you at least want to make it interesting? I think it just came down to the fact that Richard Wolffe no longer appears on Countdown with Keith Olbermann as the cause of my dread, at least in regards to continuing with it. But I'm really done with it, and the reward to myself was an epic series re-watch of The West Wing. I just finished the first disc of the first season, and OH GOSH, THIS SHOW ♥


I still have yet to talk about Mad Men's s3 premiere - will do that sometime tomorrow, plus spoilers for The Office; I will say right now that I have seen those spoilery set pics, and I flailed and squeed right along with the rest of my flist. And keep suggesting Top 5's for me! I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I haven't really had time to think about them, but I will be doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this weekend, so I can work on them then. I need something to keep me from overdosing on The West Wing.
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I have come to the conclusion that Don Eppes could wholeheartedly benefit from Being Don Draper. This after spending an entire weekend rekindling some Numb3rs love and then watching the season premiere of Mad Men on Sunday night (which will get its own post, as I have a lot to talk about regarding it.) So I watched every episode from seasons 4 and 5 that featured Don Eppes' wife girlfriend Robin, and I know I've mentioned this before, but they are absolutely adorable together. TOTALLY FAKE MARRIED. I'm working on a picspam to prove this point. And it is here where I point out that Don Eppes could heed the advice of Don Draper and take six hour lunches and/or disappear for weeks at a time (OR AT LEAST TURN OFF HIS PHONE WHEN HE'S WITH HER)- simply to improve his relationship. (Ironically, the opposite is true for Don Draper.) At least, that's what my fangirly self would like to happen.

I also re-watched the end of the Numb3rs season finale - where Charlie proposes to Amita - simply because I've been thinking about that plot point being carried over into next season. I came up with a pretty rational explanation as to why Amita would say yes right after the episode aired, because it was pretty much certain. But ever since I read a certain spoiler that Amita wouldn't make her decision right away because she and Charlie "still have some things to discuss", I'm now unsure. Although I really can't think of anything they'd have to discuss at this point. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Basically, the point of this post is that I'm thrilled Mad Men is FINALLY back, and I really can't wait for September 25th to get here. Also, I've been in this funk all weekend where I listen to Death Cab For Cutie's "Transatlanticism" and "A Lack of Color" on constant repeat. Is it possible that there's something wrong with me? I did just try to compare Don Eppes to Don Draper, you know.
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Tomorrow, I promise, I will talk about important things - mainly: COLLEGE. But until then, have this.

100 questions meme from Facebook. Yes, AGAIN. )
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The following is brought to you by The Colbert Report's "meTunes":


Okay, I can explain. It's a line from the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"! I don't know what was up with me last night - I'd only been drinking ice water, but I must have had too many glasses, which I guess made really me hyper for some reason - but as soon as that was mentioned, I could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. And then when Colbert added that the Black Eyed Peas clearly knew their audience was Bar Mitzvah DJ's, I laughed even more, as I immediately thought of that SNL sketch where you could hire the Peas to "pump up" important events (including - you guess it - Bar Mitzvahs!) Of course, I pretty much crashed once the segment was over, but not before listening to Movitz via their MySpace - jury's still out on the whole lyrics in Swedish thing, but hey, the music is pretty jazzy!

And that's the only thing in my life right now that requires a super-urgent update. But I have other things to talk about (MY OWN LAPTOP ZOMG, more thoughts on season 2 + general predictions for season 3 of Mad Men, Eureka - should it ever get better, family dinner shenanigans from later tonight, college stuff) that I will get to within the next week or so. I've resolved that I'll try to update every single day (multiple times a day, even!) next week, as I'm not going anywhere or doing anything for the next few weeks. Oh, life.
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I've only been home from the hospital for a week, and already I'm falling back into the old habit of sporadic eljay posting. Lack of energy, I guess. The doctors still don't know what's wrong with me - I had a post-hospitalization follow-up appointment on Wednesday, and since things still weren't back to normal, they ordered a study where I wear an oxygen saturation monitor while I sleep, without being on oxygen. That didn't yield anything, so the next step is to re-do the lung function test (if you recall, I passed out during it the first time around), which is our best hope at getting this whole issue resolved. But other than that, I'm feeling about as well as I should be at this point, which is awesome.

I was totally exhausted from the lack of sleep I got Wednesday night (I couldn't sleep in fear that my O2 sats would drop to 89%, the machine would alarm and jolt me awake) that I woke up in a fit yesterday morning around 9, pissed that I had missed the Emmy nominations. I'VE WATCHED IT EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Usually if I think I might wake up late that morning I'll tape it, but that wasn't an option this year because we no longer have a DVR. So I had to go to the Emmy website to look them up, and let me tell you, it was a painstaking effort - the televised announcement just lists the major categories that people actually care about, but the website lists EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY - and instead of listing them by importance (Outstanding Comedy/Drama, Outstanding Actors/Actress, etc), they're listed in alphabetical order, meaning I had to scroll through the entire list to make sure I got all the important categories. So here are some not-so-brief thoughts on the nominees. )


May. 11th, 2009 01:47 pm
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I know I haven't updated in four days, and I planned to do a big damn update post today, but I'm being lazy, so it'll probably come sometime tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this iTunes meme from the flist:

If you would like any of the songs mentioned, please let me know and I'll upload them for you. )
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REALLY. At least, I'm pretty sure I'm done with that college for good, barring any failing grades (which might actually happen, given all the English 102 drama I had this semester.) I can't find out my grades until tomorrow, which has made me all nervous and tense over the past few days. But I'm just going to put myself in the mindset that I did pass all my classes, because I'M DONE, AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I'm so ready to start things at Grand Valley in August.

Honestly, I can't tell you how I survived this week. I made a to-do list everyday, and (mostly) stuck to it. I looked for something to get excited over each day, whether it was The Rachel Maddow Show every night, an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC lunch at the on-campus restaurant with Dad on Tuesday, American Idol's Big Band week on Tuesday&Wednesday, President Obama's "100 Days" press conference (and by extension, THESE PHOTOS ZOMG) or 30 Rock on Thursday. I de-stressed the weekend before by watching the NFL Draft with the family. And even with that, I still was moved to tears after I sold my books back on Thursday afternoon because it was storming outside and the phrase "I made it through the rain" couldn't have been more fitting at that moment.

So what am I going to do in the interim five months between now and then? Take it easy, I guess. Finding a job is priority one, but I'm a little wary because a) Michigan's economy is in the toilet and b) I am not the ideal "job" candidate, as I still do not drive despite being 18 - though I did apply to a bunch of places, so I'm just going to wait that out. I plan on reading lots (and not just political stuff!), as well as writing - I have a new [livejournal.com profile] inrevelations assignment that I'm anxious to start, even though I don't know what I'm going to write yet. I want to go to the gym more, and go swimming - I have all kinds of time now! I'll keep obsessing over TV - from season finales that are coming up in the next few weeks (CSI:NY! Numb3rs! The Office! And House, for some reason!) to stuff I get excited about watching over the summer: In Plain Sight, which has become exponentially wonderful now that Joshua Malina has joined the cast; Eureka, for which I've been anxiously waiting months for - JULY 14TH CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH; and Mad Men, which won't return until August, but I'm just thankful we're getting a third season after how the last season ended. There are no plans for big vacations this summer (we're not going to Camp this year due to financial circumstances, and I highly doubt we're going to Omaha for the College World Series), but my cousin Claire (who goes to Notre Dame) is staying in South Bend for the summer and will be coming to visit! And I've made it my goal to go to a Tigers game this year (my wish is to go to one of the Red Sox/Tigers games in June), but I highly doubt that's going to happen. But I can always hope, right?
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Over the past few days, I...
  1. Finished watching season 2 of Mad Men. It's not as great as the first one, and does get a bit confusing (especially the last few episodes or so), but overall, it was a really worthwhile watch. If we don't get a third season this summer, I'm going to be pretty pissed.

  2. Watched the latest episode of Lost, wherein I silently feared that Ben was hiding in my closet.

  3. Correctly predicted that Liz would stay in Los Angeles instead of going to Denver on Numb3rs, thus being granted my wish for more character development for her this season.

  4. Discovered the awesomeness of SideReel, which perfectly suits my needs once we revert back to basic cable (and will no longer have a DVR) sometime tomorrow.

  5. Had an incredibly awkward conversation with my uncle who is a priest.

  6. Received various pieces of mail from Grand Valley (the college I'm going to in the fall), including a phamplet on why I should transfer there, which was totally pointless, since I've already been accepted, paid a housing deposit, and am attending orientation on Friday.

  7. Cleaned my entire bedroom and bathroom. It looks wonderful now.

  8. Watched two episodes of season 6 of The West Wing online, which reaffirmed my love for CJ and made me all nostalgic.

  9. Became somewhat terrified at the sight of some of my favorite NFL mascots wearing hula skirts during today's Pro Bowl.

  10. Did A LOT of laundry, which is quickly becoming my favorite chore. There's something so relaxing about it.

And now I'm exhausted and really don't want to go to school tomorrow.


Feb. 6th, 2009 12:08 pm
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I somehow lucked out of getting any homework this weekend. AGAIN. I don't understand it at all.

Quick thoughts on The Office. Plus, Grey's Anatomy! )

I'm working on finishing up season 2 of Mad Men - I have the last three episodes yet to watch, which I'm converting now. And I still have the new Lost yet to watch.
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and the actor goes to... MAD MEN!

Other things I liked: Olivia Wilde's & January Jones' dresses; Jon Hamm's long hair; Will Arnett's "I'm an actor"; Tina Fey's acceptance speech; Jane Krakowski making the acceptance speech for 30 Rock because the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Superbowl; Hugh Laurie's acceptance speech; John Krasinski and Amy Poehler presenting for Best Actress in a drama series; Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen looking totally adorable together; ADORABLE DRAPER CHILDREN; James Earl Jones shout-out to Paul Newman; The "In Memoriam" tribute; Laura Linney; Meryl Streep; and the cast of Slumdog Millionaire's acceptance speech. By far, my favorite Screen Actors Guild ceremony!

My Anthro class got canceled for today (so my first exam isn't for another week and a half), and "Big Baby" is on tonight. Absolutely ACE.
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100 questions meme, stolen from a few friends on Facebook. )

Downloaded more music from Death Cab For Cutie, and there's a new Numb3rs on tonight. Those two events are unrelated but worth mentioning. I'M GOING INSANE FROM MARATHONING SPORTS NIGHT EARLIER, CAN YOU TELL?
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I received the nicest surprise in the mail yesterday, courtesy of my grandma: a check for $100. Which seems really weird, because I was just thinking about her re: Mad Men and freaking out how I'm going to pay for everything with my limited funds. Even better, when I talked to her last night to thank her for it, she let me know that she'll be sending me one every month. I'm really, really excited about this plan. So until I have a job (which is hopefully soon), I'll be financially set, thanks to Grandma. Now I'm not so worried about how things are going to work out.

Today is the last day of my break. I made chocolate chip pancakes to celebrate, and then I spent the morning marathoning Sports Night. I got through season 1 (at least, my favorite episodes from the first season); Season 2 will have to wait until I've got more time to myself, which probably won't be for awhile. It feels weird watching this show on TV after watching it on the computer for so long. And I am still obsessed with the adorableness of Jeremy&Natalie. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I think I'm going to clean my room this weekend, since it's gotten to be a total mess over break. Maybe read more of The Audacity of Hope as well; I haven't gotten very far into it (I keep falling asleep, unfortunately), and I want to get it finished before the inauguration, which is in less than two weeks away. And attempt to start my [livejournal.com profile] picfor1000 story. I've had the assignment for 10 days now and haven't even come up with anything. And I doubt I'll even have time for it once I'm back in school. Why did I even sign up for the thing in the first place?


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