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The following is brought to you by The Colbert Report's "meTunes":


Okay, I can explain. It's a line from the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"! I don't know what was up with me last night - I'd only been drinking ice water, but I must have had too many glasses, which I guess made really me hyper for some reason - but as soon as that was mentioned, I could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. And then when Colbert added that the Black Eyed Peas clearly knew their audience was Bar Mitzvah DJ's, I laughed even more, as I immediately thought of that SNL sketch where you could hire the Peas to "pump up" important events (including - you guess it - Bar Mitzvahs!) Of course, I pretty much crashed once the segment was over, but not before listening to Movitz via their MySpace - jury's still out on the whole lyrics in Swedish thing, but hey, the music is pretty jazzy!

And that's the only thing in my life right now that requires a super-urgent update. But I have other things to talk about (MY OWN LAPTOP ZOMG, more thoughts on season 2 + general predictions for season 3 of Mad Men, Eureka - should it ever get better, family dinner shenanigans from later tonight, college stuff) that I will get to within the next week or so. I've resolved that I'll try to update every single day (multiple times a day, even!) next week, as I'm not going anywhere or doing anything for the next few weeks. Oh, life.
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YES, FINALLY. I didn't think I'd ever get out of there, though I'm glad I did when I did: the roommate I had who was only 3 days younger than me for nearly the entire time I was there left Wednesday night and was replaced late Thursday afternoon with a 9-month-old boy. The doctors just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me; post-surgery, my oxygen saturation wouldn't go higher than 95% and would go as low as 83% when I went out for a brief walk around the unit and 87% while I slept, but after eliminating all possibilities both cardiac and lung-related, they figured it was just something that would get better with time, and sent me home with orders to receive oxygen while I sleep via nasal cannula. I see the doctors in about a week for post-op follow-ups, and if things haven't gotten better by then, they'll run further tests.

So how am I feeling? Okay, I guess. My chest really hurts from the incision - I have a inches-long scar from the actual surgery and a large scab from where they put the chest tube in. There are a handful of bruises on both of my upper arms from where they gave me shots of Heparin, a blood thinner. I'm totally exhausted from the lack of good sleep over the past two weeks - I can't sleep on my stomach like I normally because of the incision, and still slightly dizzy because a) I passed out FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER during a lung function test Wednesday afternoon and b) it's really hot at home because we still don't have air conditioning. But I really can't complain: I have a barrage of new stuffed animals (something you'd only get while being a pediatric patient), got to watch this bit of awesomness live (Coops!), teared up during every replay of Paris Jackson's short but incredibly sweet eulogy to her father, and ate some delicious chocolate chip cookies. I GOT ONE STEP CLOSER TO AN ON-CAMPUS HOUSING ASSIGNMENT FOR GRAND VALLEY! And while I'm home everyone is making sure I'm okay and recovering comfortably. So so nice.

I watched SyFy's Eureka marathon earlier in anticipation of tonight's premiere, and let me tell you: I AM SUPER EXCITED.
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REALLY. At least, I'm pretty sure I'm done with that college for good, barring any failing grades (which might actually happen, given all the English 102 drama I had this semester.) I can't find out my grades until tomorrow, which has made me all nervous and tense over the past few days. But I'm just going to put myself in the mindset that I did pass all my classes, because I'M DONE, AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I'm so ready to start things at Grand Valley in August.

Honestly, I can't tell you how I survived this week. I made a to-do list everyday, and (mostly) stuck to it. I looked for something to get excited over each day, whether it was The Rachel Maddow Show every night, an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC lunch at the on-campus restaurant with Dad on Tuesday, American Idol's Big Band week on Tuesday&Wednesday, President Obama's "100 Days" press conference (and by extension, THESE PHOTOS ZOMG) or 30 Rock on Thursday. I de-stressed the weekend before by watching the NFL Draft with the family. And even with that, I still was moved to tears after I sold my books back on Thursday afternoon because it was storming outside and the phrase "I made it through the rain" couldn't have been more fitting at that moment.

So what am I going to do in the interim five months between now and then? Take it easy, I guess. Finding a job is priority one, but I'm a little wary because a) Michigan's economy is in the toilet and b) I am not the ideal "job" candidate, as I still do not drive despite being 18 - though I did apply to a bunch of places, so I'm just going to wait that out. I plan on reading lots (and not just political stuff!), as well as writing - I have a new [ profile] inrevelations assignment that I'm anxious to start, even though I don't know what I'm going to write yet. I want to go to the gym more, and go swimming - I have all kinds of time now! I'll keep obsessing over TV - from season finales that are coming up in the next few weeks (CSI:NY! Numb3rs! The Office! And House, for some reason!) to stuff I get excited about watching over the summer: In Plain Sight, which has become exponentially wonderful now that Joshua Malina has joined the cast; Eureka, for which I've been anxiously waiting months for - JULY 14TH CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH; and Mad Men, which won't return until August, but I'm just thankful we're getting a third season after how the last season ended. There are no plans for big vacations this summer (we're not going to Camp this year due to financial circumstances, and I highly doubt we're going to Omaha for the College World Series), but my cousin Claire (who goes to Notre Dame) is staying in South Bend for the summer and will be coming to visit! And I've made it my goal to go to a Tigers game this year (my wish is to go to one of the Red Sox/Tigers games in June), but I highly doubt that's going to happen. But I can always hope, right?
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It's been a weird couple of days. I've woken up at 11 AM nearly every day this week, after going to bed at midnight or later. Once I got my Mad Men DVDs, I'd stay up after everyone else went to bed (since I was the only one who didn't have to go to work or school this week) and watch a full disc worth of episodes (usually 4) until 3 or 4 AM, and then sleep until 11. Tuesday night I went to bed at 7:45 because I was so tired, and I ended up sleeping until 5 AM, woke up for a few hours, and then fell asleep again until 10.

Mommy asked me if there was anything wrong (she needed to know since sleeping so much can have adverse effects on my already fragile health), and I told her I didn't know. I was delirious enough to put the Mad Men, NBC News and olympic theme songs on my iPod and listen to them non-stop for the past few days, so that's something. Maybe I was just depressed that I broke my old iPod speakers, bought a new alarm clock/iPod speakers than I didn't like and felt guilty about returning, and then spent over $100 on new ones when I need that money for more important things, like textbooks, which are sure to quickly drain my checking account this semester. Or I'm just really anxious to go back to school after a long break. I don't know.


I finally finished the First Season of Mad Men. )
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  1. It's official: I'M GOING TO CHICAGO ON THURSDAY! Mommy&Dad were very willing to let me go, provided I talked with my aunt to see if it was okay with her, and I pay for my train ticket and everything. I bought my ticket this morning (I'm taking Amtrak - the Joe Biden way to travel!), and I'm very excited because this is my first "adult" trip that I've done myself. I leave Thursday afternoon a few hours after my Stats final, and my cousin Claire is meeting me at the train station and we'll spend a little time in the city before heading to my aunt's house in Lake Forest. (At least, that's the plan. I left a message with her earlier this afternoon but she hasn't called me back yet. She leaves for Chicago tomorrow, so I hope to confirm things with her before then.) And I come back to Michigan on Monday afternoon. It's going to be a wonderful vacation.

  2. I took three tests today: last Stats test of the semester, Government final, and Speech final. The hardest one, suprisingly, was the Government one, but those tests are always hard. I finished all three early, which I didn't think was possible for Stats - I was really nervous about that one. But it was pretty easy, and I think I did well. I'm really sad I'm done with Speech class because that was my favorite. Only two more, and then I'm done for three weeks! It can't come soon enough.

  3. Prison Break was absolutely wonderful last night. I'm nervous for next week's "Fall Finale" because I fear it'll end in a cliffhanger that we'll never get the conclusion to. I don't know when this show will be back because House and 24 are going to be Mondays in January, and I don't want to wait until Spring for the conclusion. I just want this show to end with everyone happy, and I'm sure that's what other viewers want as well.

  4. I'm not excited for the post-Superbowl episode of The Office as I used to be. Stupid lame spoilers.

  5. Downloading/converting a bunch of videos to put on my iPod for the Chicago trip - this week's Prison Break, the Mad Men pilot, various episodes of 30 Rock from season 2, Eureka, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Plus, new music from various indie bands via iTunes and its awesome "studying/school-related" playlist. Now the 5-hour train ride won't be so unbareable.

  6. I was watching Season 3 of The West Wing this morning, and then I realized it was December 16, so as a West Wing fan I'm obligated to quote Leo McGarry. Instead of using the "Big Block of Cheese Day" quote like I did the past two years (it's here if anyone cares), I decided to do this one instead, because it reminds me of my Astronomy class:

    Josh: Hey, Leo. You know, there's something called the Super String Theory. Which at its most basic level says that the universe consists of these tiny loops of string that vibrate at different frequencies.
    Leo: How did that bullet not kill you?
    Josh: Just lucky, I guess.

    I like to think that Leo would've liked Obama, don't you?
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  1. I definitely feel a lot better than I did yesterday, except I'm still really tired.
  2. House was really uninteresting last night, and ran a few minutes long, which I didn't appreciate. I've noticed with this show that when a major character isn't in the episode, it isn't very good. House is kind of lacking this season; I think it's from a lack of new material/storylines.
  3. Eureka, however, was incredibly AWESOME. I can't believe that was the season finale! )
  4. Received a 70 on my Stats test, which isn't great, just average. With that I have an 88% in the class, or a 3.8 GPA. That's fine with me, as this is kinda difficult to understand. I know it's going to get harder as it goes on, so I hope I can stay where I'm at. And I know now to always have my calculator with me!
  5. Allison Janney and Ellen played "I Smash Your Face" yesterday, where they threw baseballs at plates with each other's faces on them. It was hilarous. And eating Pad Thai while watching made it even more fun.
  6. I'm modifing my [ profile] picspammy project a tiny bit; instead doing one long picspam of Matt&Harry (since it takes to long and I don't have that kind of time anymore) , I'm just going to pick a few key moments that I personally loved, with accompanying quotes. So that way I can get all nostalgic and do it in the 6 days I have left.
  7. THE OFFICE PREMIERE TOMORROW! *flails* Luckily I've only got two morning classes, and then the rest of the afternoon to get ready. I have no idea what I'm going to do to celebrate. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I'M EXCITED.
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I got home from the library a little earlier than expected, so I watched the season premiere of House. And then I watched Eureka before I left for class this morning.

Brief thoughts about House and Eureka. )

I just realized I have no House icons, but can't rectify that situation until the home computer is fixed, which should be either later today or tomorrow. So.


I think I may be getting sick again. But instead of being a upper respiratory thing, it's a stomach thing. And I feel feverish and pretty tired. It might just be my body's overreaction to stress, as I've never been this busy with school and such. I hope it's not serious, because I really can't deal with it right now.

Semi-relatedly, we're going to be watching Sicko today in English, which just happens to be one of the movies that we received yesterday via our Blockbuster queue. I might not enjoy the movie (because it's Michael Moore, and I've never seen any of his other movies), but at least I'll have seen it in its entirety, so I can add it to my "Movies seen in 2008" list, which isn't that long.


I just read a few more spoilers for The Office (seriously, I need to stop) from Ausiello, which seem to contradict his earlier statements. I know he has a history of lying to&intentionally misleading readers/viewers, but I'm just going to hold out on what I think is logically going to happen and what makes the most sense. So I'll just wait until the premiere to see what happens. I wish the premiere was day after tomorrow instead of next week. If I have to see "Goodbye, Toby" again, I may just cry.
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I'm at the library (the local one this time), because the home computer has crashed. AGAIN. Except this time it is not ALLMYFAULT. It is most likely Graham's; he told Dad he could go "frak himself" (I don't know if that translates correctly, but it's the polite way of putting it), so he's off the computer for 3 weeks. I'd say that Graham intentionally crashed the computer, but I'm not technologically knowledgeable enough to know if that's even possible. Our computer has been "at risk" for viruses for the past few months, and that sounds like a more plausible explanation. All I know is that Mommy's incredibly pissed because she needed the computer to print off some stuff and Dad doesn't want to even deal with the computer. So I can only hope that it gets fixed soon. *crosses fingers*

Monica is sitting next to me in the "teen zone" of the library; I definitely feel like I don't belong here. She's defriended me on Facebook (apparently because I "made fun of her"), AND has more friends than me. I'm here until about 9:30, so I'm missing all of House and most of Eureka. They're both being taped, so I'll watch them at some point tomorrow. And I now have Season 7 of The West Wing! Political dramedy, I have missed you! I'll start watching that on Thursday. (Relatedly, I was so bored today during my Government class that I read ahead in my textbook, and both The West Wing and The Daily Show are fully mentioned. Awesome? YES.)

I think I'm going to edit some more [ profile] picspammy pictures instead of doing my Statistics homework. I really need to get that project done.
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Speaking of The Office, I downloaded iTunes 8 this morning and was extremely happy to see that you can buy NBC shows there again (and now in HD!) They're giving "Fun Run" away for free (which is one of my favorite episodes from Season 4), and I attempted to download the HD version before I left this morning. I'm excited to see how it'll look on my iPod!


Speech class yesterday was amazing. I really like the professor, and all of the other students are great people. There's some sort of dynamic in the class where the class seems smaller than it actually is, and with that it seems like we're going to have a lot of fun. The only downside is that it meets one day a week for 3 hours, which means that there's a lot of work involved. But I'm sure it's going to be a good, albeit hard, class.

I got my English class switched, I'm now taking it from 4-5:30 PM instead of first thing in the morning. Which is nice, because I don't have to get up as early, but kind of a drag because I'm at College from 10 AM until 4 or 6 PM (depending on the day), which is longer than I'd like to be here. And I'm behind in the class because I missed the first two and can't make up the assignments. But I've emailed the instructor and she said I'll do fine as long as I do well on the other essays and such. So I'm set.


Both Eureka and Prison Break were so not worth it this week. And I keep seeing promos for the new season of House (back on Tuesdays, yay!), which reminds me that I need to figure out a Fall TV schedule and post it. (I can tell you that I'm cutting out a lot of things, and I'm not watching any new shows this season. I just don't have the time.)


Aug. 21st, 2008 01:41 pm
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One thing I forgot to mention about Eureka. )


Watched the Olympic Gymnastics Gala Exhibition on NBC last night - all 10 minutes of it. It goes on for a few hours and showcases all the gymnasts, but all they showed were the American gymnasts. EPIC FAIL, NBC. I absolutely loved the Gala from Athens, because they had it on OnDemand in the weeks leading up to Beijing. (Apparently the 10-minute clip wasn't the whole thing either, just a montage.) The sad part about this is that I can't find video of the entire gala ANYWHERE; NBC only has video of what they showed last night. I guess Track&Field finals FROM 2 NIGHTS AGO are more important than a bunch of foreigners in pretty costumes.

Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, then NBC goes back to whatever they had before the Olympics. As long as they show more promos for The Office (WHICH PREMIERES IN A MONTH), then I'm okay.


I had my last summer math class today, sold my book back and am now $46 richer. The final is on Monday; and despite what the instructor says about it being difficult, I think I'll do okay because I've done relatively well on all my exams. We'll see. After that, I have to start preparing for Fall semester, which starts next Wednesday! One week of vacation, boo.
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It's the Sci-Fi version of Groundhog Day! )


I got a 103% on my latest exam (which means I have a 4.0 GPA now, yay), which is a good sign that Monday's final should go over well. *crosses fingers*


Olympic gymnastics gala exhibition tonight! Should be a really fun, exciting and interesting thing to watch.
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I silently fear for Jenna Fischer's life.

In other news, Eureka is going to be AWESOME next week, Michael Phelps is now the greatest Olympic athlete EVER, and the US women's gymnastic team failed to capture gold in the team finals last night. JUST ANOTHER REASON WHY CHINA IS ON NOTICE.

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1) I voted in my first election today! It really wasn't all that exciting - just a local election, BUT STILL. I'm being a responsible American adult, doing my civic duty.

2) Received a 99% on my exam, which makes me wonder what stupid mistake I made that prevented me from getting it ALL correct. I'll find out tomorrow.


4) Eureka is on tonight, which is the perfect end to an awesome day.
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All the family's gone (I have my bed back!), Eureka is back and awesome-ing up my summer, and I got an 83% on my exam. (Truly, a relief.)


I made the stupid mistake of joining [ profile] ontd_twilight, read cracktastic spoilers for Breaking Dawn, and have possibly scarred myself for life. Sadly, I kind of want to read the book now. But I am not one of those people who read too much into it/obsess over it. I'm only doing this for the LOL factor.


Suspending GET MY LOST ON for a little while, possibly permanently. I'm 3 or 4 episodes behind, and I just don't have the time; I won't have any come Fall. Instead of Lost, I'll be catching up on Prison Break! I'm preparing for Sara's return (ICON!). And by preparing, I mean "reading a recap of Season 3", because I can't remember at what episode I stopped watching, and Hulu doesn't have the entire season, so I can't just start from the beginning. It really has been too long.
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I'm home from camp, and have been home since Saturday afternoon. I haven't been able to post lately because when I was finally able to get on the computer on Sunday morning, I was too busy doing other computery things. But I'm back, with a new layout ([ profile] pretty_cynical)!

I think I'm pretty much done with long vacations for the summer. The only vacations I'll probably be taking are a college visit and a possible trip to Cedar Point, which are only a day each.

And even thought it's been almost two weeks since it aired, I haven't forgotten about posting my thoughts on the Studio 60 finale; they'll be posted sometime soon. I have them all written out in a Notepad file on my home computer, and I can't access it because it's at home and I'm currently at the library. But it'll be posted soon, I promise.

In other news, Eureka had it's season 2 premiere last night and it was really, really good. I'm so glad the show is back; it's going to be the one thing that gets me through the summer.

I turn 17 in one week, yayz.


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