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I woke up this morning feeling incredibly exhausted with a sore throat, and now I've got chills and feel feverish. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. I've been here at school since 8 AM and won't go home until almost 6. I really, really want to go home and make noodles and sleep until who knows when, but because I attend a stupid community college that doesn't have on-campus housing, I can't do that. I nearly fell asleep in Stats and skipped Astronomy earlier today because I feel THAT awful. And my English essay make-up is later this afternoon and I don't want to do it. HATEHATEHATE.

It's John Krasinski's birthday today! He is the reason I now have extremely high standards for my future significant other. I stayed up late to watch last night's Rays/Red Sox for you, Krasinskaaaaay. ♥

The aunts&cousins have left, thankfully. Saturday was absolutely crazy day: In the span of 4 or 5 hours, I was told why I shouldn't be voting for Obama ("he wants to kill babies and let girls marry girls!"), tried to hide my annoyance that one of my aunts was videotaping nearly everything that was going on, explained what Project Runway was, and babysat this cutie (aka my youngest cousin Louis.) Despite the day's craziness, I was pretty productive homework-wise: I finished my Speech midterm AND all of my Stats homework IN JUST ONE DAY. And I finished my Jim Henson speech earlier this morning, so all I have to do is Government and practice the speech a few times. Which is awesome, because HI I'M SICK AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT NOODLES AND SLEEP, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

AMY POEHLER, YOU ARE AWESOME. Sarah Palin, not so much.

The second season of Sports Night is actually pretty good.
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ATTENTION OFFICE FANS/FUTURE CHILI'S RESTAURANT PATRONS! Chili's no longer serves Awesome Blossoms. Sad, I know. The family and I have come to the conclusion that so many people came in asking for Awesome Blossoms with extra Awesome that they could not meet the demand. Thus, it was taken off the menu. But I did have a delicious cheeseburger and a wonderful (surprise!) ice cream sundae!

Kit Kittredge was absolutely adorable. It seems that I have missed Chris O'Donnell waaaaaay too much. And my love for all things 1920s/1930s keeps growing.


Spent the morning cleaning my room, as Dad's relatives are coming to stay with us later this week. My closet has been cleaned out and organized! It's color coded now! Tomorrow, between doing homework and studying for my Exam on Monday, I need to vacuum and clean my bathroom. Oh, and clean the rest of the house.


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog = ENDLESS GLEE. I'm so sad it's over! I DESPERATELY NEED THE DVD AND SOUNDTRACK NOW PLZ. It was that awesome!


NBC has shown "new Fall season" commercials for Heroes, Knight Rider: The Series, and Chuck. NBC presents their Fall schedule to the TCA tomorrow and Monday, so it's only a matter of time before a commerical for The Office airs, right?
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Today's Birthday plans: Kit Kittredge with Monica, and dinner at Chili's with the family. Awesome? I THINK SO.
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I woke up around 8:50 AM and realized that I'd missed the Emmy noms. But I taped them, so everything was okay, at least until the actual nominations came out. All I have to say is this. ) Honestly, I could care less. I think it has something to do with the fact that they're on FOX this year and I don't know who's hosting them. Not that I really care.


My birthday went great, thanks for noticing. I went shopping in the morning; bought myself a new pair of really cool headphones and ordered a TWoP book that comes in sometime next week from Borders. Had a very excellent coffee drink there and read Jane magazine, which I bought and promptly fell in love with. Went to dinner at Red Robin with my parents and got my picture taken with Red (the mascot) but forgot to mention to the waiter that it was my birthday, so I didn't get an ice cream sundae or sung to. But that was okay, because I had an ice cream cake at home (Graham is the only one who's eaten it so far), and awesome presents to open. I got The Office S2, Criminal Minds, and The West Wing S5 from my parents, and a $50 dollar Old Navy gift card from my grandma. Will spend it sometime next week when I go back to Borders, because they're in the same area.


My book from Amazon arrived yesterday, but from UPS, not the mail. It's The Poisonwood Bible, which is my summer reading book this year. I'm only about 80 pages in, but it's very good. I have until the end of August to finish & review it, which is about 400 pages or so. Double Eeep.
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I'm insanely bored out of my mind. And you?


How did I miss out on a whole season of Psych? I watched it on Friday, because I saw the preview with Dule singing (!) and now I'm hooked. I swear, watching Psych is just another step in my plan to see former The West Wing cast members in something other than The West Wing. (Got some of the cast during Studio 60. Seriously!) Anywayz, Psych is a hilarious show, and I'll keep watching, just for Dule.


I'm kinda falling back in love with CSI: NY, but only seasons one and three. Peyton & Aiden = ♥. Also, Gary Sinise!


My birthday's in two days! :) Looking forward to presents from the flist. (If you want to get me a present that would totally make my life, you can buy me paid account. I'd like that a lot.)

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I'm home from camp, and have been home since Saturday afternoon. I haven't been able to post lately because when I was finally able to get on the computer on Sunday morning, I was too busy doing other computery things. But I'm back, with a new layout ([ profile] pretty_cynical)!

I think I'm pretty much done with long vacations for the summer. The only vacations I'll probably be taking are a college visit and a possible trip to Cedar Point, which are only a day each.

And even thought it's been almost two weeks since it aired, I haven't forgotten about posting my thoughts on the Studio 60 finale; they'll be posted sometime soon. I have them all written out in a Notepad file on my home computer, and I can't access it because it's at home and I'm currently at the library. But it'll be posted soon, I promise.

In other news, Eureka had it's season 2 premiere last night and it was really, really good. I'm so glad the show is back; it's going to be the one thing that gets me through the summer.

I turn 17 in one week, yayz.

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Happy (belated) birthday, [ profile] whenidream!

Ever since I came back from Omaha, I've been constantly tired. I've had to take a nap during the afternoon every day this week, and although I enjoy it, I'm still tired. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I've never gone to bed before 11 and had to wake up at 7 for Vacation Bible School? I think so.

Going to see Evan Almighty tonight with Mommy, Monica, and all of the middle schoolers from Vacation Bible School (about 110 of them.) I'm totally meh about the movie, but going will be fun, because it'll give me something to do tonight. Plus, free popcorn&candy!


Two memes, both taken from [ profile] smut_queen. Do them, plz?

Comment to this post with a pairing from one of the fandoms that we share. It can be a general pairing or something unconventional. Het or slash. It's doesn't matter. I will respond with at least 100 words discussing my opinions, feelings, and thoughts on that particular pairing.


Comment to this post with an offer to write in any fandom that you and I have in common. I will answer with a prompt. Then, you will write me comment-fic, snippets, or whatever comes to mind. Now go post this in your own journal and demand fic of your very own! Make your flist work! You had a long week and you DESERVE it, dammit!

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I'm in Georgia right now. It's cold, and I'm tired and bored.

I really have nothing to say except that I'm alive, I hated last night's Numb3rs, I missed [ profile] wistful_memory's birthday (I'm really sorry), am freaking out about this week's The Office (no spoilers, PLZ!), and I'm afraid that I may miss American Idol this week because I'll be on my way to DC by then.

But I did get some good news: Kimby's been spotted on the set of 24 and is set to come back around 1 AM (episode 20)! *crosses fingers*


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