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Now that's how you end a week of season finales that included a wedding, a baby, a pregnancy AND a marriage proposal, Television.
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I think I'm suffering through a migraine - I've never had one before, despite the fact that I'm relatively frequent sufferer of headaches, and damn, IT IS PAINFUL. Like, I couldn't even find a comfortable sleeping position because of it; the right side of my head hurts, and I usually sleep on my left side but couldn't due to the intense pain. I'm trying to take it as easy as I possibly can, and acetaminophen seems to be helping. Although the fact that it's coming in tandem with PMS isn't a lot of fun. So.

I realized I haven't talked about American Idol in awhile. )

Also, Glee! Where has this show been all my life, especially during my three years of choir&drama in high school? Seriously, it is that wonderful - so wonderful, in fact, that it led me to sing a medley of songs from my high school choir days as I was taking my shower last night. I have the slightest of crushes on Will, and I'm a little weirded out that the cheer coach is played by the same actress that plays Reid's schizophrenic mother on Criminal Minds, haha. And I'm obsessed with the music! So glad it's been put up on iTunes - and if they were to continue doing so (like that a capella version of "Gold Digger" from the promo? I WANTS IT), THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. The only thing that worries me about this show (and it seems to be a pretty common worry, from what I'm hearing) that it's on FOX, so a) Glee could be canceled without much notice, despite critical acclaim; and/or b) it could do a lot of unpredictable time-slot switching (as of now, it's set to air on Wednesdays from 9-10PM - up against Criminal Minds.) So I guess we'll just see how things go, but I definitely plan to watch!
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You know what? Just once in these last few weeks I'm going to Community College, I'd like to be able to sleep in. I can't tell you the last time Mommy or Dad took me in at the regular time - 9 AM on Monday/Wednesday, 8 AM on Tuesday/Thursday; I've woken up at 6:45 AM everyday for the past few weeks in order to leave the house by 7:30 AM, and I've haven't gone to sleep before midnight AT ALL, a true rarity for me. So as a result I'm incredibly exhausted, but weary of taking a nap because I end up taking really long naps and have too much to do this weekend for that to happen. But we'll see how things go.

I don't have much to say re: American Idol & CSI:NY. )

I decided to give up on my American History term paper. It was really only acting as an extra credit assignment, and I'm doing a lot better in the class that I orginally thought I would before the semester began, so if I do well with the last few weeks of the semester, I should end the class with a 3.9, around a 90%, which is still good. I was just getting frustrated doing the assignment - I waited until a few days ago to start doing research, and I also had Film research to do, so I didn't have a lot of time to go digging and actually read sources, and the topic I was given seemed pretty easy, but actually required a lot of research. So now I'm just going to focus on my Film paper (which is probably going to be the death of me) and my final paper in English - which is going to be pretty tough because I can only have one internet source and I haven't been doing as well on the other two papers as I hoped I would. *crosses fingers that everything goes smoothly for the next three weeks*

Oh, and I hoped on the bandwagon and got a tumblr - though I'm not sure what I'll use it for!
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One week without an update, woo. I've been keeping up with the flist and twittering quite frequently over the past few days, but never actually had the time or the energy to post an lj entry. I have a lot to say, so here's a rundown of what's happened over the past week:

1. Monica made her confirmation last Saturday, taking the name Hope. It's different (usually candidates take a saint name; I choose Catherine, Graham choose Anthony), and I don't know if this was a factor in her decision, but it was one of the themes of Obama's campaign - and if she did, I'm so proud that she's showing her political pride. Both get-togethers were incredibly loud with all the little cousins running around, but relaxing enough that I could lay on my bed and read and do homework without getting incredibly frustrated. It's rare that extended family comes to visit us, and there's a possibility that we aren't going to Omaha this year, so it was nice to see everyone.

2. Grandma took me shopping at the mall! It was a lot of fun getting to spend some alone time with her, and she paid for everything, which was a huge plus. I got two scarves (this one and this one) as well as this top (in a fun print) from American Eagle. H&M yielded a sophisticated black light-weather jacket, a grey boatneck sweater, and a short sleeved white button down. And I bought clip and magnetic earrings at Claires, since I don't have piereced ears but would like to wear earrings occasionally; I'm still getting used to having them on. I feel so sophisticated with all my new purchases!

3. My parents are in Scotland visiting my dad's great-aunt Mary this week; they'll be back tomorrow. When she came here last July, she begged my parents to come visit, and they decided this would the best week to go since Grandma's already in town for Monica's Confirmation. I miss them dearly, but there is one upside to them not being here: I GET TO STAY IN THEIR ROOM. And let me tell you, it is absolutely wonderful. I've likened it to staying a hotel room by yourself - bigger bed, large private bathroom, TV in the bedroom. There was nothing better than watching The Daily Show in bed and just turning off the lights and going to sleep. Plus, almost all of the shows I usually watch were repeats this week, so I'd watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC and get obsessed. It was awesome.

4. I watched American Idol and the ER finale. )

5. Registered for all of next years' classes at Grand Valley; it was quite possibly the most stressful thing I've ever done. I got shut out of all the broadcasting courses I was recommended to take, and it turns out I can't take the marketing course they recommended for me until I'm at least a junior. So I've planned to take as many political science courses as I can this year (for my minor) to get those out of the way, and take broadcasting/communications courses afterwards. Either way, I'm pretty pumped. I can't believe I'm actually going to be a student there in a few months!

6. Wrote my entry for [ profile] inrevelations - it's here if you'd like to read it. Despite my early assumptions that my story was going to suck compared to other entries, it turned out really well - I even surprised myself by writing over 1,000 words! The next challenge involves photos as prompts, which I'm absolutely thrilled about, because I do really well when writing with a visual prompt. Plus, it's getting me back into writing things (that actually sound good), which is ace.

7. Still busy with school, as always. I've only got a few weeks left, so my professors are trying to cram as much as they can into these last few classes - another exam, paper or project - all due within the next two weeks. Thankfully, all of my finals are either non-comprehensive or in-class essays, which takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I'm distracted over the fact that I'll be nearly done. So I probably won't be updating on here very often (I want to pour all my writing efforts into school assignments) until school is done, not that anyone really cares. I'll still be twittering lots, so if you want, follow me!
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School continues to frustrate me - I have a topic proposal for English due on Monday, despite the fact that I just turned in the final copy of my second paper on Wednesday and I have only a vague idea of what I want to do this paper on; I took a quiz in English when I was given no indication of the professor giving any type of quiz (or any other type of work beyond writing research papers, WHICH IS WHAT THE CLASS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT); and I'm pretty sure that I failed my Human Relations test, because I thought it was next week instead of yesterday.

However, I've aced my last two American History tests without taking a single note, making me believe I might have an A in the class; and I can register for Grand Valley classes in a little over a week. I'M SO CLOSE TO BEING FREE, YOU GUYS.


Weekly Television Round-Up. )


Another busy weekend; Monica's Confirmation is on Saturday, and my aunt&uncle&fivecousins (her godparents) from Omaha are coming into town, and we've got several get-togethers planned. I don't have school today, so I'm going to the mall in Ann Arbor with Grandma while Mommy does things at the hospital. And tonight I'm going to a church play that my cousins are in. So I'll have to find a little time somewhere to have to myself to do some homework. I got a few-days extension on my [ profile] inrevelations story, which is both good and bad, because I haven't had time to go through and edit or type it up, but with this English paper I have to write, I might put it off until the last minute, which is never good. Hopefully I'll have enough time.
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I'm pretty much cured of the sickness I had towards the end of spring break, whatever it was - although now I've developed a cough, much worse than previous ones. It seems to be decreasing, which is always a good sign, but it's gone on a lot longer than it should. I'm debating whether or not to bring it up with Mommy and see if I can get it checked out, but I'm pretty sure she'll just tell me to let it run it's course because it seems to be getting better. No one has mentioned anything during the 590633246 times I coughed over the past few days, especially those times I was coughing so hard I could barely talked, so I'm guessing I shouldn't really worry about it. I just hope I'm better soon, because I haven't been in the best mood lately.


Weekly television round-up. )


I was hoping my Amazon order would be here earlier this afternoon, since I checked the website as often as I could to see where my stuff was at and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it arrived at the post office earlier this afternoon, when it wasn't expected until Monday. But it hadn't arrived at my house yet, which means that if it's in town, it'll be here tomorrow. At least, I hope so. If it doesn't get here until Monday I'm going to be pissed, because I'll spend the weekend thinking about that instead of all the school things I have to do this weekend.

Now if the Converses I ordered could get here in less than 11 days, I'd be golden.


I have not done any homework today, despite how eager I was yesterday to get working. I planned on doing my Anthropology exam today (just to get it out of the way) and typing up part of my English paper, but of course, none of that happened - I showered and listened to music all day while anxiously checking on the status of my Amazon order. So the revised plans now are to do the Anthropology exam and essays tomorrow and my English paper on Sunday and Monday morning, if I need it. I also have my Film review, but I'm going to save that for Monday/Tuesday and turn it in on Wednesday because a) I still have no idea what I'm going to do, thus the need for extra time, and b) I really don't want to watch the movie we'll be watching that day. I think I can still do well if I turn it in later - the professor hasn't penalized anyone for a late assignment yet, I probably won't be the only one turning it in late, and I have late coupons if absolutely necessary. So we'll see how it goes.
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My English class seems to piss me off more and more each day. Today I found out the rough draft of my paper - the one on how realistic The West Wing is (which got totally ripped apart by the professor, who called it "not relevant" because The West Wing has been off the air for nearly three years and he doesn't think I have enough sources) is due Monday, the same day as my journalistic review for Film AND my take home exam and essay for Anthropology. I haven't started any of it. Seriously, all this writing has turned me off to becoming a writer.

And it turns out that those stupid little essays I have to read and summarize are worth 30 points each, and I haven't done any of them so far, since a) they're stupid and totally not relevant to what the whole class is about, and b) I'm too busy writing papers for the class PLUS papers for my other classes, and I just don't have the time. So I'm practically failing the class right now, even though I don't know my exact grade. I can only assume these things. Ngh.

Although I did get to bitch about the class with a student, which was really nice to let out some of my frustruations and let me know that I am not the only one who finds the professor to be not a very good teacher. Only a few more weeks, I tell myself, then I will be done with the class (and the stupid college) FOREVER.


American Idol's Top 13 )


Grandma sent me another check, so I bought things! The West Wing Script Book for Seasons 1&2 (I already have the one for Seasons 3&4, and have been looking for the first one for years), a lined paper Moleskine (which should hopefully motivate me to write more) and black Converses. I'm also debating whether or not to get this shirt, and in what color. Thoughts?


I've been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't even thought about my [ profile] inrevelations assignment, let alone what I'm going to write. I'm going through a serious bout of creative writer's block, yo. Help me out.
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Yesterday was the real "last day" of my spring break :( Both Graham and Monica are around this weekend, so it's gone back to being super-stressful around here. I no longer can get the computer to myself for long periods of time, stay up until midnight and wake up at noon (like I did last night), or spend the days bumming around in my pajamas doing absolutely nothing. Plus, we "spring forward" an hour tonight, which is totally going to mess up my already-screwed up sleep schedule. Great.

I had to be actually productive yesterday, since I hadn't done anything school-related the entire week. I printed out a few sources for my research paper (which I've decided will be on realism in The West Wing - an absolutely ace topic, given it's been something on my mind lately since I re-watched the last two seasons and has actual sources for me to cite.) I didn't do the research proposal yet, but it won't take as long now that I've got a topic in mind, so I'm planning on doing that during my break on Monday. I'll annotate the sources sometime this weekend, along with reading those stupid, unrelated-to-the-class essays and writing summaries and answering questions about them. But I did watch The War Room and Annie Hall last night for my Film review, both of which were incredibly good. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time picking a film to write a journalistic review on.

The Office was pretty meh this week, but American Idol was surprisingly good. )

I'm still sick, by the way. And I think it's getting worse, which is absolutely great when I have to go back to school. Really.
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I think I'm losing my voice. Or at least I've got an abudance of mucus in my chest that I keep coughing up, which makes it a huge effort to actually talk. I'm thinking this is a direct result of my louder-than-necessary running commentary while completing my The West Wing re-watch late at night by myself. Fortunately, I finished watching the series late last night (tears and flailing included), so I can try and heal before going back to school on Monday. Not that I'll actually need my voice, since I hardly ever talk in class or on campus, but the weather's getting nicer and it's not the time to come down with a cold.

Now that I've finished watching The West Wing, it's about time I got started on some homework. I've got the computer to myself tomorrow, even though Graham doesn't have school (he's going to be at a college thing all day) so I think I'll use that time to type up my English research propsal (even though I have no idea what I'm going to do it on yet) and get a source to annotate. The rest of my homework doesn't require the computer, so I can do that this weekend when everyone else is around. As for the movie I need to watch for Film, Bobby was checked out from the library, but I got Moulin Rouge, Annie Hall and Atonement off the internets for my iPod. All three are movies that I've either never seen or haven't seen in a really long time, and I think they'll be good to write reviews on. I think I'm going to watch all three before I decide which one I want to to review.

Also: I finally got around to watching Law & Order: UK! Um, YES. This show definitely satisfies my love of all things British and how desperate I am to go back to London. And the actors are incredible as well. A total must-watch, in my opinion.

Speaking of opinions, let's talk about American Idol. )

There's a new episode of The Office tonight! FINALLY.
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At the library right now. I haven't actually stayed here longer than a few minutes - I came in briefly a few weeks ago to pick up The Thumpin'. I really don't like using the computers here (the one at home or the ones at school are a heck of a lot better), but I'm making do. I picked up Anderson Cooper's book Dispatches From the Edge (thus continuing my streak of reading political non-fiction/memoirs) and the sixth season of The West Wing on DVD. Season 7 was already checked out, and I'm nearly done with the 6th (only about 5 eps left, plus I watched the finale this morning when it was on Bravo), but I can watch them on TV instead of the computer, in time to spend spring break marathoning it. That is, if I don't have tons of homework to do then. I've got two weeks to figure something out.

a few television related thoughts - House has sort of redeemed itself! American Idol continues to be lame! a fave character returns to 24! Lost! Plus, I think I could be a better scheduler that the NBC guys. )

It's Conan O'Brien's last show tonight :(((( I'm buying this and this to remember it by.
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My English class can seriously go DIAF. Like, we haven't really done anything for the first few weeks (or discussed things that I already knew, given that I went to high school and took four years of English), and then this week, BAM! Research proposal due today, rough draft due next Wednesday, final draft due a week after that. On what, you ask? WHATEVER THE FRAK WE WANT. Which, in someways may seem like a good thing, but when you have to do a research assignment that requires numerous (and varied) sources, it sucks. I planned on doing something television related, but I can't think of anything substantial. I couldn't even come up with a decent sounding research proposal, so I didn't even do it and skipped class. I'm just upset that the professor doesn't even give us any guidance as to where to go with the paper. Seriously, how I am I going to learn how to write a good research paper if the professor doesn't teach me?

And I still have to do my Film paper on Mystic River this weekend. Great.


I have lots of TV to catch up on - I chose watching American Idol/taking a shower over Criminal Minds, CSI:NY wasn't really worth it (despite reading a spoiler earlier yesterday afternoon saying there would be something major) and 24 hasn't gotten any better. I still have last weeks House and yesterdays Lost to watch as well. This whole "basic cable with no DVR and being forced to watch most stuff online" really sucks. I wish I had my laptop so I could watch these things in bed.

However, I am working on marathoning season 6 of The West Wing - I watched the first two episodes on TV and the rest (six so far) online, usually one a day, more if I have the time. Although I'm about 3 episodes behind Bravo, so I'm trying to catch up as best I can so I can watch episodes on TV on Fridays since I'm home. I've forgotten how much joy this show brought me, even if it does suck at times.


I think I'm going to have to miss The Office and 30 Rock tonight, as much as I don't want to. I'm going to Grand Valley tomorrow morning for a transfer orientation and since it takes three hours to get from my house to there, I have to get up way earlier than usual, so I have to go to bed earlier. Also, it is Mommy's birthday today (the big 5-0!), so we might be doing stuff for that as well. At least I can watch them online, and it'll give my something to look forward to when I get home.


The weather yesterday was my favorite kind: rainy and spring-like. Now it's cold again and I miss it.
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Turns out we get to keep our deluxe cable package until the weekend; after that, we're switching over to WOW Basic Cable. We'll eventually get HD and DVR service from them, once we get back on track. I'm sad to leave Comcast behind. For all it's problems, it did have some pretty nice features. We also gave back our leased Flex today. I'm going to miss its high tech navigation system (which I so fondly named Julie) and it's Japanese-sounding beeps. But now we have a Honda and a Toyota, which are adorably named Ernie and Bert.

Hi, my name is Maureen and I don't adapt well to change.

Thoughts on House, 24 and American Idol. )

There are some recent spoilers for The Office that I'd really like to discuss, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I have thoughts on tonight's episode as well. And I have yesterday's episode of Lost yet to watch and talk about, so that'll come sometime tomorrow as well.
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I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I even slept in for almost a half hour before finally getting up and going. It was so nice and warm in there compared to how cold it was outside. However, it did give me a chance to wear my super-warm leggings with tights underneath and my hipster scarf, which were absolutely necessary when walking between buildings on campus. We're having turkey tonight for dinner, but I'm going to have chicken noodle soup because it's just that kind of weather.

second day of second semester classes. )

Tonight's going to be spent with more school-reading (definitely less than last night, which I nearly fell asleep while doing), another 2 hours of American Idol (will save Criminal Minds for tomorrow after classes), and maybe the newest episode of CSI:NY, if I can get Mommy to watch the local 10 PM news upstairs. If not, I'll watch it online during my 3-hour break tomorrow. I'm so excited TV's back for the year!
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Something from last night's 24 that I forgot to mention earlier which caused major flailing. )

I'm finding the American Idol auditions to be a bit boring this time around; I can't believe I put off my school-related readings to watch. Although Kara DioGuardi does bear a striking resemblance to Katharine McPhee. And despite my earlier assumptions that bringing her on would totally ruin the dynamic of the show for me, she's turning out to be my favorite. But things may change as the show progresses. We'll see.
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I'm just upset that it doesn't happen for another two weeks. Why isn't it Monday yet?

Unrelatedly, it's going to be super super cold tonight and tomorrow - the absolute worst weather to walk around campus in. But tonight's dinner is homemade chicken noodle soup! And I'll be staying warm inside with a toasty fireplace while doing various school readings and watching American Idol. Also: COZY BLANKETS.
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Three very brief things:

1. NCIS is having a two-hour season finale next week. I AM SO THERE.
2. Barack Obama was in Metro Detroit today, and I didn't know about it. WHY, I DON'T KNOW.
3. I'm off to attend an awards ceremony at school which I'm certain will be boring and stupid since I'm not getting any awards. SERIOUSLY. I failed Pre-Calc and got knocked off the Honor Roll, and I know I'm not getting the foreign Language award because I failed Spanish. I can only hope I get an award for Choir. I WORKED HARD IN THAT CLASS, DAMMIT.
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After getting to sleep in for two hours, re-watching last night's TV (and deciding NOT watch Grey's Anatomy, like originally planned), and eating a complete and delicious breakfast, I was totally energized to take my two English exams. AND I ROCKED THEM. Plus, it started thunder storming during my College Writing Exam, and guess who loves thunderstorms? ME.

In short, it was an awesome day. But then I've got my last choir concert EVER, and it's going to suck because I have a cold and hardly anyone's putting in effort, and it will totally ruin my good day. I DO NOT WANT THAT.

Also, Brooke was voted off American Idol, so as of this moment, I will no longer be watching. Even if my favorite songs are sung and I've got nothing else to do on those two nights. THEY HAVE VOTED OF MY BOYFRIEND AND MAMA BROOKE. IT IS RIGGED, I TELL YOU. RIGGED SO THAT DAVID ARCHULETA WILL WIN!

And there goes my awesome day.
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However, there's 500 songs listed and only 8 songs to be sung. And they're all so... VARIED. It's a really good theme, but possibly too broad for this stage of the competition. It would've been better if there were more contestants, because there would be more variety with the songs.

But seriously, if anyone sings A Change Is Gonna Come or Your Song and DOESN'T MESS IT UP (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, DAVID ARCHULETA), I'll be happy.

I just don't want Mama Brooke to go home tonight, then I won't watch at all. THEY ALREADY VOTED OFF MY BOYFRIEND, who would've been totally perfect for this week.


Off to make Ramen, then take a nap for a while. No studying will get done here!
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GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical. I miss Pushing Daisies!


Things have been relatively crazy with me the past few days: I found out that my last official day of high school is April 29th, finals start April 30th and go until May 5th, and then I take the AP Spanish Exam of DOOM on May 6th. Senioritis hit me really hard after that; I'm failing my two hardest classes (AP Spanish and Pre-Calc) and honestly, with two weeks left of high school, I don't care. The weather's getting warmer and I don't want to do any work.

In other school related news, I have a possible Prom date, courtesy of mommy. I really hope it works, because I need to have it confirmed by the end of the week, and Prom is next Friday. Also, I need shoes that are a) cheap, and b) do not look ridiculous with my dress.


I've been disappointed with post-strike TV. I got all hyped up for The Office, only to be let down considerably. Although the promos for the next few episodes have got me all excited. However, I do have a newfound love for 30 Rock, possibly in part because I've been to 30 Rock. Wednesday night TV has been pretty uneventful, but I'm sure once May sweeps rolls around, it'll get better. Numb3rs has made me laugh, however.



New Amsterdam season finale tomorrow night! What am I going to do after it's over and there are 5 months until the 24 prequel?
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I'm very, very tense because I can't find a clip of the preview for next weeks' New Amsterdam episode ANYWHERE and I really need to see it just so I can get all these "OMGYAY!" feelings out of me so that there's at least some coherency when it comes time to talk about the past two episodes. SERIOUSLY, I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND I DEFINITELY CANNOT WAIT 5 DAYS.

(I suppose I could watch the commericals during American Idol tonight, but a) I didn't watch it last night, so it would be pointless; and b) there's a strong possibility that they won't show them, due to the timespan between Wednesday and Monday nights. Plus, I've truly missed my Wednesday night TV nights; American Idol is not a part of them.)


In other news, Criminal Minds returns tonight, and I've long suspected (at least, since CBS showed commercials over the weekend), that Paget has gotten bangs, and those suspicions were confirmed this morning as I was reading the newspaper. I promptly wept.

Also, an The Office spin-off is coming post-Superbowl in 2009. What I've read generally seems to be negative reactions (which I totally agree with), but as it gets closer to the premiere, I'm hoping we'll hear better things. I'm just excited to get the original The Office back in EIGHT DAYS!


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