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So NBC's official site for The Office has this little thing called "The 12 Days of Christmas" wherein each of the characters reveal what they'll be doing for the holidays. Andy and Creed's are spot-on in terms of characterization and Erin's is absolutely adorable, but I've really been waiting for the Jim and Pam one - they only reveal one each day. Sure enough, today was their day:

I'm pregnant this year, so this will be Jim and my last Christmas where it's just the two of us. Even though the baby hasn't been born, we couldn't resist getting a stocking and filling it with goodies. We don't know the sex, so it's filled with unisex toys: a ball, Big Bird raddle, and Raggedy Ann Doll (Jim's idea of unisex). We got a baby bulb too. It says, “Baby’s first Christmas”, and I added, “In my belly” with a sharpie. We’ve also taken a photo of our baby with Santa - we went to the mall and asked Santa to hold our ultrasound photo up while we snapped a picture - it’s going on the Christmas card.

At 6 months pregnant it isn't easy for me to move around, so Jim will have to do most of the cooking, cleaning and shopping. And he's taller, so it's easier for him to put up the Christmas decorations too. I'm still doing my share; I'm making the shopping list and writing the Christmas cards to my side of the family (featuring a photo of the ultra sound). It's going to be hard on me, but I'll make the most of it ;)

Adorable, right? Between this and the scene in the Producer's Cut of "Secret Santa", we are getting such great stuff - although I am disappointed it's not actually on television. COME ON, SHOW. (Also, I am perfectly at peace with Jim and Pam not knowing the sex, both from a character perspective and a show perspective. It provides an element of surprise for both them and the viewers of the show; gives the writers more time to come to a conclusion - helpful if the team of writers are in disagreement; and there's less of a chance that people will come out hating the chosen sex until the baby's already here. Though still very, very annoyed by the fact that the birth won't be shown until March because of the Olympics. That was a bad decision on all fronts.)
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