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So as I was heading out to lunch and World Politics class earlier this afternoon, it starts snowing. Except it was the kind of snow that immediately melts as soon as it hits the ground, making everything wet. I ended up taking the bus over to class (it's a minute long ride as opposed to a 10 minute walk; I took the bus on the way back as well), and even with the short walk from the bus stop to the lunch place, then from the lunch place to class and back to the bus stop after class, my pants were soaked. I went to dinner a few hours later, and the snow was just starting to stick. Here's what it looks like now:

YEAH. And we're supposed to get more through tonight into tomorrow - so much so that they've issued a severe weather advisory. It's definitely pretty to look at, but it's going to be a bitch to walk around campus in. And thus begins the part where I start constantly wishing for snow days, even though they're extremely rare at college, Grand Valley especially.

ETA: I just found out high school's Christmas concert is December 10th - aka next Thursday, right smack drab in the middle of studying for finals. Grr. Second year in a row I will not able to go back and see all of my choir people and sing the Hallelujah Chorus as an alum. Just another reason to hate finals.
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