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I haven't been watching House regularly, since I usually watch The Rachel Maddow Show or HIMYM & The Big Bang Theory on Monday nights and then download House to watch later in the week (last week, I was so busy attempting to get my memo essay done that it was put off until Thursday afternoon) - so I didn't realize until I started watching tonight's episode that it was in fact November, meaning that this was Jennifer Morrison's last episode. Which I of course was totally not prepared for, as once she leaves, I'm leaving, as Cameron (and her relationship with Chase) was the only reason I was still watching the show.

That being said, I want someone to write me Chase/Cameron AU fic where they actually do leave Princeton-Plainboro together and end up having a future together that involves three kids with horrible accents and spending summers in Melbourne. Because I would just like them to be happy for once. (I MEAN, THEY CALLED EACH OTHER "ROBERT" AND "ALLISON". COME ON.)

The saddest thing for me is that this whole "no longer watching House" thing may end up to be permanent, since there was a slight possibility Jen could return to the show later in the season. However, the way the writers wrote her out was so definite and emotional that there's really no rational way she can be brought back. Which is sad, really.

In short: really not what I needed after last night's Pats/Colts game. Not only was I having terrible flashbacks to Superbowl XLII, but now the MIGHTY BENGALS OF CINCINNATI of all teams are actually really being considered as contenders for this season's Superbowl! SERIOUSLY.
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