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I can't believe it's been a whole year since this. Here's what I remember:

Dad took me to vote early Tuesday morning before class - he and Mommy already voted by absentee because he didn't want to wait in the long lines at our polling place. After I finished voting (not wearing my Obama t-shirt or pins of course), he dropped me off at college, where I spent the entire day with a huge smile on my face, wearing my Obama gear (I changed clothes once I got to school) absorbing what little election coverage I could get from the internet on my breal. I didn't get home until about 5 that day, since I had my 3-hour Speech class. I was watching election coverage on TV and eating dinner when Dad comes in from outside and goes, "The RNC people just showed up, saying 'we're here to pick Maureen up and take her to go vote.'" And I was all, "Are you serious? Did you tell them I already voted first thing this morning? And I voted for the Democratic ticket all the way through?" Apparently they were unaware that this first-time voter is an unofficial Democrat. (Also, there are RNC people in Michigan? We've been a solidly Democratic state for yeaaaaaaaars.)

Then we spent the night watching NBC election coverage, as they are our favorites - though we occasionally flipped over to MSNBC and CNN. Graham and I made brownies - they ended up being too hot and squishy, unfortunately. Monica and I decided to make our own electoral maps. We used a map of the United States copied from her planner and colored each of the states either blue or red depending on whether they went Democratic or Republican; we also played "Guess the number of electoral votes a state has", of which I got a lot of them wrong and we laughed about how ridiculous some of our guesses were ("Georgia." "Seven?" "No. They have 15.") And in honor of Tim Russert, we used the whiteboard in our kitchen to record election results - states and their number of electoral votes in blue for Obama, red for McCain - as well as favorite election related quotes: "O'Biden by the law", "I can see Russia from my house!" "Maverick. *drink*" and "Brokaw Real Estate".

I remember a little after 11pm NBC calling the Presidency for Obama, and I was so excited and nervous over what just happened that I couldn't remember how many electoral votes California, Oregon and Washington State had when I went to write them down on our whiteboard. I was in total shock for awhile afterward - I couldn't say anything besides say "Oh my God" over and over and over while sitting frozen on the couch. And even though it was almost 1 AM by the time Obama made his speech and I had class the next morning, I stayed up until the very end because I wanted to have a story to tell my children and grandchildren - that on a Tuesday in November I voted for our first African-American president, the first time I'd ever voted. I was really tired and just plain worn out from everything that happened in the day, but I couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. It still hadn't sunk in - and wouldn't sink in until probably a week and a half later - that change had finally come to America, and I help make it happen.


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